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♥ Exercises & Breathing
☻ Prenatal Core Class
☻ Pregnancy Playlist

☻Fitdesk Stationary Bike

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
Yoga for Pregnancy
Alicia Silverstone’s book that I love (vegan)
Birthing from Within (spiritual guidance)

Black Seed Oil
Organic Rose Water
BB Andalou SPF 30 Cream
► Stretch Mark Prevention
Organic Rose Hip Oil
Almond oil
Bulgarian Lavender Oil
Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Rose w/Aloe Vera

☼ Sun Spots, Pigmentation Prevention or Reversal
Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair
☼☼ Make up ☼☼☼ CRUELTY FREE Eye Shadow Palette ☼☼☼

♥ FREE Nutrition Tracker

☼ Supplements:
♥Raw Code Prenatal Vitamins
♥Organic Prenatal Vitamins

♥ Toxin Free Deodorant

♥ Pregnancy Pillow

☻ Mula Bandha Kegel Info

♥♥ The mala beads I am wearing are a gift from a stay at home mom who started her own jewelry business. Check out her page

♥ Flower Essences for Emotional Healing Questionnaire

♠♠♠ My Instagram
♠ Facebook
♠ My 90 DAY Beginner Yoga Program on USB
♠ Support Group

♥ Camera I use

☻ My Favorite yoga Mat is
☻ One if my favorite affordable yoga bras

☻ My Skin Care Video

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Pamela Hopkins says:

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laura jones-miller says:

Ah Ali…you are just so lovely! xo

Desislava Peeva says:

Hello Ali! Veryinteresting video, i have just found you and you mentioned BULGARIA. Do you know BULGARIAn? I am also pregnant in 31 weeks and have youtube channel in BULGARIAn. I am raw vegan and it is such a pleasure to find another pregnant Woman here. Of you want you can check my channel.

eyeamlulu says:

thank you so much for the great video, Ali. you're truly an amazing person. sending bliss and love to you and your babybump <3

Extraordinary Living says:

Thank you Ali….Im not pregnant as I've had my 5 amazing children but I still gained so much from your video. I use black seed oil and did not think to use it the way you suggested. Thank you for your wonderful calming energy and skincare advice too. xx

tina's raw alkaline diet says:

Wonderful Ali! The top book is the only book I had at the time, before youtube, lol, and it was just amazing and helped a lot during pregnancy and delivery. This will help and support so many, love xoxo

Оля Веремеенко says:

Hello Ali! You are talking here about kombucha drink. I used to drink it for a long time and I love it. I make it by myself at home. I am 28 weeks pregnant and I almost stooped drinking it during my pregnancy as it has alcohol in it. I know it is very low percent, but still I am afraid of drinking it. Sometimes I overdue my tea mushroom and make it very acidic and sour. Do you think it's ok to drink very acidic kombucha during my pregnancy?? Thank you! Take care!

fremdekatze says:

do you think people are certain doshas? do you live by Ayurveda?

ruxandra m says:

ali,can you link the quiz for the bach flower remedies?

Narda Nardis says:

You look so lovely Ali <3 more beautiful even now being pregnant. Big hugs!

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