Healthy Breakfast Recipes Kids Will Love (WKYC)

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Danielle Dimengo, RD/LD, a clinical dietitian at the Akron Children’s Hospital Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes, shares some healthy, delicious breakfast alternatives for kids Originally aired on on August 27, 2018.


Megabit Addisu says:

Banana is safe?

Christian Darouni says:

Vegan is the best diet. Do your research. This is garbage.

Lotti raju says:

That's amazing

immigrant says:

They dont seem like real parents themselves.. must have other people doing this stuff for their kids bcoz when u have fussy eater a palm tree or butterfly is an amusement but u cant make them eat food.As well who feed their kids that ammount of peanut butter on a slice


That lady added so much peanut butter

Mary Clutterbuck says:

Fox News ?????

Diana Hussain says:


So here's what I think says:

Ew I’m just gonna stick to cereal.

Cynthia Strait says:

People do your own research, then you'll realize this is so wrong.

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