Healthy Baby Food Recipe – Oats Apple Porridge l Oatmeal with Apple & Dates l 8+ months

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Oats Porridge / Apple Porridge – Oats with Apple & Dates
Healthy Baby Food….

Oatmeal for Babies
Oatmeal and apple both are high in fiber and oats may be a better starter cereal than rice as it is less constipating. Together they help baby to maintain their regular bowel movement.

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Baby Food – Oats Apple Porridge
All babies are different. So before introducing any new food to babies, always check with babies pediatricians…..

Before making any baby food, always wash your hands and all the utensils, which will be used to make baby food. And don’t forget to wash all the ingredients….

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Vasudha nagaraj says:

Can I use Quaker Oats ??

Zainab Oloyede says:

pls can I give 1year baby pls reply

Lilian Johnsion says:

And she refused to eat and I am not happy please tell me what to do to her she don't want to eat any thing chewing please tell me I am not happy.

Lilian Johnsion says:

can I give to my 1 yes baby please.

Balacescu Oana-Irina says:

Instead of water, can I use milk?

Zaid Khan says:

mai a oats 10 month baby ko de sakte hai..plzzzz reply me….mera baby kuch nai khata…plzzx

Vidhya suriya says:

which one better oats for babies..? please help me

venmani pattabiraman says:

Hi ….i like all ur recipes so much… seems so tasty and healthy for babies….pls can u prepare healthy food recipes for 2 to 3 yrs toddler's….pls am waiting for ur recipes…..☺

niks says:

meri bilkul baby mitha ni khati. recipe m kya nmk add kr skti hu

Ocean Blue says:

very nice and helpful video thnx for sharing

Shehnaz Shaikh says:

Hi, i like your food recipes but i want to ask that i m feeding my child a no cholestrol oats so it is ok to feed my child bcoz no cholestrol means no fat so that's why i m confused plzzz help me???

Divya s says:

No add sugar

Santosh A says:

can dates be given to 7months completed baby???

nkongchu hubert says:

Can I give to my 4 months baby?

Last Leaf says:

oats winter m dy skty hyn bcho ko ye thnda nhi hta koya

Bintay Hawa Hawa says:

can I give 8 month old baby

Bintay Hawa Hawa says:

can I give 8 month old baby

Masrur Un Nabi Maisura says:

aro kisu baby food resepi deben plese

subarna datta says:

will it loss my baby's wait?

ashraf ali says:

can I give this at night

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