Healthy Baby Food Recipe – Egg rice for Toddler & Kids l Egg drop Khichdi l 12+ months

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Healthy Lunch/ Dinner recipes for Toddlers and Kids l Meal ideas for 12+ months l Egg rice/ egg drop khichdi l
Healthy Recipes for Baby (Toddler and Kids)….

Egg rice ingredients:
Rice (washed)
Red lentils (washed)
Moong dal (washed)
Coconut Oil
Turmeric powder
Onions (chopped)

Eggs for Babies (Toddler and Kids)
Eggs are great source of protein and with rice & lentils, it makes a complete meal for baby.

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Baby Food (Toddler and Kids) – Egg rice / Egg drop Khichdi
All babies are different. So before introducing any new food to babies, always check with babies pediatricians…..

Before making any baby food, always wash your hands and all the utensils, which will be used to make baby food. And don’t forget to wash all the ingredients….

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Gulzar Saima says:

hi dear i hav baby boy of 3 n half years he eat rice chapati omlet but he never taste any fruit if i try he refuse strictly can u sugest me plz wat i shoul do..?

ayesha umar says:

can we store this dish in fridge for some days ??? and feed within few days?

Sehba Khan says:

can i give this my 14 month baby….

Rose Phantom says:

is the rice already supposed to be cooked?

Ganesh Rao says:

My baby is 1 half year how 2 give food or milk

Saqib Syed says:

awesome.. thank you so much

tania tania says:

ki khele bachader ojon khub duruto barbe . plz ektu bolben

Ibrahim Kashif says:

hi..I'm living in Bahrain. as it's a hot area can I give eggs to my son.he iz 11 month old.plz reply..plz

luwam goitom says:

hi is that allowed for ten months

Sreekutty U.S says:

I have 1and half yr baby.but she did not eat anything and her body apperence is very pls tell what are the foods to gain weight

Jhuma Barai says:

hi I am jhuma I have one year girl but she have only one teeth,she can not chew food properly so what. can. I do?? plzhelp

Buranga Divine says:

thank you for sharing with us the way to feed our kids.

Mayhia Akter Tanny says:

Can I use vegetable oil??

Alma maxamed says:

can I give 8 months baby

Fila khan says:

Plz post more videos like this. Thank you.

Momtahina Khatun says:

yes…. right…
nd tnkx…

Momtahina Khatun says:

but kiya ise roz khila sakti hu??

Momtahina Khatun says:

very nice… main apne baby ko khilati hu egg rice…

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