Groovy Baby Boy kicking and moving inside Pregnant Belly

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This is my son Lincoln moving and kicking inside my tummy when I was 37 weeks pregnant. He still is an active little boy who loves to dance.


UniversalWake says:

That is DISGUSTING! j/k, congrats, Link is a cool kid :)

666bleed4you666 says:

I am currently 6 months pregnant and just waiting to see just how active my
little girl will get in a few more months. It looks so painful but I know
it’s not. Still gives me chills to watch it though.

cutecaligirl1101 says:

wow is your baby on somthing ^.^ narly dude…

KaylaRose712 says:

Does that hurt?

eeyadimple8128 says:


nicksqueen2 says:

oh my goodness that has got to be the most amazing pregnant belly movement
video iv eve fucking seen dude and i have two of my own up myself. That has
got ot hurt girl, i know when my oldest two sons moved like that it hurt
and the whole once you lay down thing sucked too cuz thats when they would
start doing flips and jabbin ya in the ribs. Its so amzing though and i
loved it a lot when mine would kick. Ill attach my vid as a response so
y’all can view it! Cool vid girl!

RaiderPrincess018 says:

Looks like a alien tryin to rip u open

betosrose says:


frenchfrie17 says:

oh my gosh that is incredible.

barebellylover says:

wow, that baby was doing some gymnastics in there, lol

Dulcesita80 says:

oh my gosh that is incredible Wow!!!

sweetxsxkisses says:

looks like he is having a dance party in there lol

Maria Chr. says:

when it will be born, i doubt whether you will be able to control that
baby.. 😀 start exercising … 😀

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