GRH Baby's First Bath

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Tips on providing a healthy bathing experience for your baby. Brought to you by Grand River Hospital, which provides a wide range of specialized childbirth and children’s services for residents of Ontario’s Waterloo Region.


Ashley Smith says:

I loved bath time with my kids. They seemed to enjoy it too. My husband and I used to set up a baby spa lol we bought a classical cd from the drug store and pretended like we were taking them to a fancy spa, we even gave them little massages with baby oil after…thats what happens when you're 21 with a baby lol.

Nichole Lowther says:

This is crazy! Our local hospital told us to never put a baby directly into water for at least a year, to never ever put a baby on their stomachs, and use the same soaps that you would use. The nurses told us that skin to skin contact was forbidden, as our insurance didn't cover it. My OB said to never ever breastfeed, since science is superior, which made me so happy! There was no way in hell that I'd do that crap.

Burger Mister says:

Baby is cold

cindy leslie says:

Beautiful Hair

Валентина Боброва says:

Ох и ,, специалисты '' , а ещё берётся кого-то учить! Руки выросли не с того места !

Roderick Langston says:

First time dad here….

Y'all wish me luck.

Luke Sevron says:

"They" not "IT" they're not an appliance.

Wayne Kasokeo says:

Oh my what a cutie lil monkey.oh shoot that's a

My bonus baby and I Plus four says:

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