Going into 9 months of pregnancy / 35 weeks pregnant after having tummy tuck 2 1/2 years ago

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ballez2005 says:

Yes I am going to start posting video’s.. It didn’t really bother me about
being pregnant till my hubby brought up the fact that I had a tummy tuck
and he was wondering if I would half to have a c section. A few girls in my
class and I were talking about it some say yeah I”m probably gonna have to
have some say no… I have 3 other children all natural birth’s I want this
one to be the same I wanna stay very active in walking and everything else
I wanna stay as fit and healthty..

Mommarazzi C. says:

Wow! I kinda figured that those of us with tummy tucks who get pregnant
would look 5 months along at 9, but it seriously only looks like you ate
double at the Olive Garden! I better have a polly pocket if God so wills to
give us “that girl”. Sheesh. Thanks for sharing..kind of exciting to have
the thought of it happening. 😉

Kellawanda says:

You must be getting excited :) Make sure you keep us posted
afterwards….everyone always disappears after the baby is born lol.

Lacey Beau says:

Lol so cute. You look amaxing god bless

lizvigil11111 says:

Any strech marks???

ballez2005 says:

Hi my name is Freda and I had a tummy tuck 3 yrs ago… I am now pregnant.
I had a few questions are you having a c-section because you had a tummy
tuck, I was also reading a few other posting alot of the ladies said they
didn’t show very much at 9 months….. Help me I would love to talk to
you… I’m so curious about being pregnant…

alejoalma says:

do you feel a lot of tightness or pains around your TT incision? how are
your meal portions now that your soo far along , do you sleep well? where
did you purchase the maternity panties? You look great by the way…..wish
you the best dont forget to keep us updated. :)

Adancinginsparation says:

Dang ! little cute belly God bless your belly , u , kid(s) , family (:

joysdabomb says:

@lizvigil11111 NONE YET!!!! I Lather Myself up pretty good everyday with
all different types of creams and elasticity Rubs

Ooie Gooie says:

I love you Joy. I am so happy for our baby bean.

joysdabomb says:

@alejoalma I still feel numb around the tummy tuck incision. So no pain at
all. I eat smaller sized meals but more often because there is just not
much room in there for alot of food. At Maternity Motherhood in the Mall
they have the panties they are called post partum underwear and come in a
set of 2 for $16.98 I got size S/M so it should be pretty tight yet
stretchy enough to move around. I have 35 Days left before the C-Section I
am nervous yet very excited! Thanks so much for your comment

mjdforever says:

Can I get some chicken nuggets…lol :) thats so cute! You look amazing!!!
Hope all is well! :)

joysdabomb says:

@ballez2005 I’m choosing to have a C Section because I had an Emergency C
Sect with my Son 8 yrs ago. Yes I’m not showing as much since I have had a
tummy tuck. Are you going to post videos throughout your pregnancy? I have
exactly 27 days til hes born unless of course I go into labor sooner….
Very exciting ; ) Good Luck to you!!!

ballez2005 says:

Congrats to you and your new lil bundle of joy you will soon get to meet…
I can’t wait. Having had a tummy tuck do you feel a difference in your
pregnancies, as far as comfort goes… Sorry to bug…

Ineedmorelives says:

I dont understand how you are so small. Did people know you were pregnant?
Now when I see “I didn’t know I was pregnant,” I can guess they carried
their weight like you did. Buddy, you can tell I’m pregnant, but I am
really short with a short torso. I guess you are really tall. It must be
nice to not be so miserable while you’re 9 months pregnant! Wish I carried
mine that way!

nowisallyouhave says:

Your videos are so helpful and informative for me and I’m sure many other
woman out there who have had a tt done. Thank you so much for sharing, your
video gives me hope and relief that it is possible despite all the
criticism from the general public.

SaoirseBonnieLass says:

ur bedroom is sexi! i have zebra print too! haha! lookin hot mama! thanks
for sharing!

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