Giant Pregnant Bellies

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Here’s a deal of my favorite pregnant bellies that I’ve seen. I want to give credit to Smur Adem, some of these beautiful bellies I saw on his videos. I do not own the music in this, it is titled “Pound the Alarm” by Niki Minaj. I do not own the pictures either. Thank y’all!


20PINKluvr says:

This is porn for my bf he has a weird preggo belly fetish

La' Gueraah says:

Danqq ..Thank god iwasntt thatt biq lol.. Idont think iwouldoff handled itt 

Mary Pink says:

Beautiful ladies!  But kinda makes me glad I adopted my daughter!

Sean says:

0:42 WTF! That is ridiculous! who's the father?? Shaque O'Neill?? that girls stretch marks are gonna be insane, she'll be ruined! there's no doubt she'll have a caesarian.

David Wolf says:

1.09 4.29, do them all day til there were ready to birth :*

Sheryl Hendricks says:

Music really sucks couldn't sit through all of it because of the music. 

jadeng says:

Tons of 'shops, godawful music, thumbs down.

Angela Frame says:

what a shame most of these look like they are 15 years old

Keydra Milton-Comford says:

stretch marks oh my…but pregnancy I'm learning is beautiful for I am a soon to be mother myself :)

MorphingEmpress says:

My belly is pretty huge too.

MrFunnyIAm says:

Much Photoshop, such fake.

Jimmy Othello says:

1:05 and 4:26 are oretty hot

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