Getting in Shape After Baby

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As the mother of newborn twins, Lisa Moss is used to running around. But it’s different than what she was accustomed to.

“My husband and I do triathlons and marathons. The year I got pregnant I ran the Boston marathon.”

Nine months carrying two babies took a toll on her body.

“For so many months I hadn’t had the opportunity to run obviously I gained like 42 pounds,” says Lisa.

As new moms settle into their new role, thoughts usually turn to getting rid of the baby weight. The first ten pounds should be pretty easy.

“You’re going to lose weight because all that extra fluid that was around when you were pregnant with the baby, within a couple weeks you’re going to lose a lot of that extra fluid,” says Dr. Melissa Lee, an obstetrician with Lee Memorial Health System.

Breast feeding moms get an added weight loss bonus.

“Anywhere between 300 and 500 calories. And if you’re breast feeding three or four times a day that’s 1,000 to 2,000 calories that you can be losing right there,” says Dr. Lee.

As for exercise, everyone should be up and moving, but not in a race to get fit.

“They have to realize their limitations, they can’t be running 12 miles the first time they’re back out, their body won’t allow it,” says Dr. Lee.

Women who had C-sections need extra time to heal.

“We don’t recommend any heavy aerobic exercise until at least six weeks after delivery,” says Dr. Lee.

Lisa is working on her comeback.

“Since I’ve started doing this walking-running routine I’ve dropped some of my afternoon naps just because I feel like I have more energy.”

“For anyone that is wanting to lose weight after delivery she has to realize it took her nine months to gain the weight and its going to take time to lose the weight again,” says Dr. Lee.

The lesson for new moms trying to get fit, start with baby steps.

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