Get Rid of Stretch Marks FAST || 3 POWERFUL Do It Yourself Removal Creams || Step by Step Tutorial

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Danise Jackson says:

how long did it take you to remove your stretch marks?

nancy gomez says:

Hi there can you please help by sending all the product name it will help me to search them

Scarleth Zelaya says:


Leahana Gallon says:

Once you lost your weight did you have excess skin?

Nekeeya Brown says:

I DO love my stretch marks.  They show that I am a warrior of motherhood.


this is too much ingredients and work. I'll buy it from you… rather than hunt down each ingredient

AllKindzOfAlmondz says:

They look delicious………

Gabrielle Henry says:

Girl I didn't see any stretch marks on you…so awesome!

Debra J. Gauthier says:

You could remove stretchmarks in a few weeks using all-natural method.

Atsuko Smiles (Lioness) says:

Can you tell us how often you use and how you apply the products? :)

Demetria Evens says:

can you just make them then we but from you lol please

mady madilin says:

So do I put all three of them on every day?

mady madilin says:

you look so pretty

Mani Simone says:

nature's Best! thank you

Addie Fabulous says:

HOW Do I get a list of these ingredients please

Blanca Galvez says:

where can I buy these oils? perhaps vitamin store? or an organic store? I'd like to try these.

Guineagirl59210 says:

Great video! Honestly, all of the ingredients seem like great things you could use all the time and all over. Could you use these cremes as general lotion, or does it tend to get too greasy/oily?

Tasha Rhodes says:

derma roll then use it

Thao Truong says:

I'd buy if you sell too!

Meh M says:

Good lord that's a lot of ingredients 

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