GET READY to LAUGH LIKE HELL, here are FUNNY BABIES and TODDLERS! – Hilarious Babies Compilation

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Funny babies and toddlers compilation you will laugh while watching it.
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BabiezTV says:

Which baby is most cute?

smokesignals says:

A baby stuck in a car not funny!

Cassie Smith says:

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Nigel Gibson says:

There was only one that was funny and that was the girl who was crying cause she lost clouse and it was on her shoulder the whole time

Faithful servant says:

I like the baby testing the boundaries with the glass on the coffee table and who doesn't love a laughing baby, honestly?

The boy who asked why she had so many apples is great…got a good working head on his Would love it if my own son is like that some day.

Merve Abdi says:

Omg laugh my head of this video is halarious!!!!

Neil D'Silva says:

Some of these parents don't deserve their babies.


when i need to laugh i watch these

Ash Brown says:

Tbh this was a bit gross…all the toilets and poop

Mollie White-Evans says:

Even kids need their privacy when on the Toilet! Really? I don't think it's funny!!

John the Human says:

These were really good, I could watch these kinds of videos for hours.

Kathlene Lopez-Martin says:

who puts a plastic bucket on kids head.?

ramon ramon says:


G Del says:

Why? Your fIlming this

Barbyl W says:

This generation is going to be traumatized by stupid parents

Stephanie Wolfe says:

That little girl with her pet lizard was so cute!!

Saraines Vizcarrondo says:

Letting kids get hurt, just so a video can be made, not my type of funny baby videos.

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