Funny Kids Laughing – Best Funny Baby Videos Compilation 2015

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tri nham says:


migi ferrer says:


Jazz P says:

68 of you are baby haters.

Jennifer Johnson says:

Nothing more precious than the sound of a baby laughing.

Mary Rose Enciso says:

You know what? i dont understand why 55 people dislike this video.. hmmm.. wwwhyyyy?????

keep faith says:

cute babies

Jo-ann Pavion says:

i love it when baby's smile

Melody Bautista says:

pop babby s laughing

Mary Quinn says:

So funny need this today

shanece wilkerson says:

Funnny and so cute

Trinity Vandever says:

OMG this is so cute

Lucas Arse says:

Awwww! Adorable <3

Denise Vasquez says:

So cute God bless them

Funny OMG says:

Yes, Is cute.

john smith says:

That laughter is medicine for the soul :-D

Ray Holland says:

Funny and cute baby :)

Funny Kid says:

Cute baby laughing :))

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