Funny Baby Videos Laughing – Best Funny Babies Videos 2015

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this is funny videos of babies , A compilation of best laughing babies in the world.
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The Rich says:

I also love the Babies , The baby movies is very funny …

Waqar Ilyas says:

I love baby

Cherrywin Espiritu says:

Writing a lecture while watching this! Hahahaha. Lovelovelove. ♥

Murod Kurbanov says:

I like that song, please How can I find it? anyone knows it?

saffy taffy says:

I love the two black labs they look so cute

Joanna Pauline Cruz says:

funny babies

Parth Gajjar says:

Dogs are better than humans at making babies laugh!

Barrick MacReady says:

you mixed the audio too loud over the videos.

Zayda Vera says:

I like the song what is the name?

Lauren Hawker says:

My baby cousin laughed so much watching this

Alethea Eroles says:

Oh .. They are so adorable .. they made me laugh …

kassamin says:

so cute and funny , i like babies laugh

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