Full term baby bump, 40 weeks pregnant tummy

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Mesatalia says:

non-toxic washable markers and paint made for body use is fine and won’t
harm the baby. The skin can’t absorb enough toxins to harm it and even then
body paint and several marker types are non-toxic, otherwise kids would
never do crafts with them. Grats on your now 5-week give or take baby!
Gorgeous baby belly! I should have documented mine better, lol.

SpicyHam says:

Markers are poisonous, be careful

SerendipitySarahL says:

Thank you! Baby Finley born last week :-):-)

Hardcastle McCormick says:

congrats on the little one!!! p.s. it’s a shame people have to write stupid
comments about markers when the video is about a baby bump.

itsChrisLife says:

even though im kind of sad cuz that paint could have damaged the baby, im
glad your a mother already :) much love from portugal<3

Regislive says:

I’m assuming you had the baby by now…Congratulations!

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