From Bump to Buzz

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We took photos every day through the 9 months of our pregnancy, this is the result (plus a little song I wrote called “Something New”).

Big thanks to Mr. David Spearing for helping put all this together.


Madi Ev says:

I’m about 50,000,000 percent sure I need this on my iPod 

Izzy B says:

*Sits in the corner and cries!* So beautiful <3

Keelle09 says:

This is rigged, wearing same clothes every day and some of the photos were
taked during the same day. You stupid kids should not believe anything you
watch. ..

McflyloverMaria4 says:

Can’t believe he wrote this song its so good :0 x

Alex Dixon says:

Can’t work out that chord on the 3rd line of the chorus :(

Ayeesha Libago says:

He was born a day b4 my bday, and nxt tear its gonna be fri 13 ooh

Mariana Sanchez says:

10M. congratulations :) MEXICO 

van7777.---ДЛЯ ТЕБЯ МОЙ ДРУГ ВСЕ ЭТО!!! says:


Em Halford says:

7 months later and I still love this 

Ju Bulhões says:

Buzz is having he’s firts christmas and i still watch this video… So

Haha my birthday is february 2nd but here in brazil isn’t cold outside

Gabriëlle Langelaar says:

its so beautiful its just so beautiful. I cant describe how beautiful. btw
Buzz is awesome name… BUZZ LIGHTYEAR… sorry I had to do that 

Ellie Ellie Campbell says:

Aww he is soo cute!:)

Eva Rummery says:

ah the love it warms my heart

Karen Fletcher says:

Love the Name Tom Buzz Fletcher :)

Lauryn J-J says:

She looks a little bit like Carrie from the side!

MissTwilightHater says:

I apologise for detracting from the beauty of this video, but I’m really
curious about the behind the scenes? How do you get her to stand in the
same position exactly the same way, and did you have to leave the camera in
the same position for 9 months…. ???

Kimberley Walker says:

@ Alyssa Sansoni in the UK we do day month year you spoon so it’s the 13th
March 2014 

Lee s reynolds says:

he’s way to talented! mcfly are so underrated 

Blake Britton says:

Such a cool song. Who are all the haters that thumbed down?

Sasha Ryder says:

This made me cry, so touching. X

Isabella Ross says:

this is such a beautiful project. Much love to Buzz, Giovanna and you.

Charlotte Borg says:

Who would not want a boyfriend like him? :O :D

Elin Epicfail says:

This still melts my heart! 

Kayli Ruth says:

Can you please make a tutorial for how to play this song? (Pretty please
with Tim Tams and tea?)

JohnPearseSafaris says:

Wow, wow, wow. What a brilliant video and a heartwarming song. Made my day.

田中れん says:

This is beautiful

heathertrayner says:

Still my favourite video out there…

Maya Dasle says:

He’s so sweet where can a find a tom?

TrustTheBioNerd says:

how can a person dislike this video??? shame on you haters!

Rebecca Martin says:

EVERY time, i burst out at the end in tears.. its so amazing <3 very
talented MR. F!x

Amy Hiorns says:

Oh my goodness me! Stop making me cry with these gorgeous videos! My son
Woody is about 3 months older than your little Buzz, hope he’s doing well!

Ebba Froste Myrin says:

And in the end Tom looks at the camera kind of like “ha! I’ve got a son and
you don’t!”

Irdina Ismaida says:

You two are just adorable! Love the video and song! ♡

jjooss22 says:

Well done. This video is superb

Marcos Martínez says:

Al final sale un alien

Leonardo Melendez says:

i think i wanna have a baby now :¨CC 

Cormac Ó Braonáin says:

Is this the gimp from that pathetic band that pretend to play instruments?

Camila Santos says:

Muito criativo. Coisa de quem realmente ama ser pai e mãe. Lindos Parabéns

Paola Gisonni says:

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. And it wasnt until i watched this video
that i really noticed how emotional i am xD lol i cried and cried and
cried. This was a beautiful video and it made me so much more excited to
take this journey!! you guys are awesome! 

Ruby Jones says:

Giovanna is so pretty

emilouise95 says:

I keep coming back and watching this… At least twice a week! I LOVE IT!!!

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