Four Beautiful Mums, Four Gorgeous Fall Containers!

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Laura is putting her container design talent into play with four beautiful outdoor containers that embrace the autumn season. In each she is using one of our uniquely colored mums, click here to see the 19 different mums currently available in our online store!

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Beautee in the garden says:

The last pot was so beautiful I have to try this one in my garden !!!!!!!!!!

Jean Cossigny says:

Superb as always thank you.

Melanie Grayer says:

I can't get my mums to bloom from year to year. What am I doing wrong?

Brenda Jenkins says:

Love your videos. I like these the most the planting of the pots. I hardly ever use proven winters plants because they don’t look that good here. Not worth the money. I have tried them several times and always been disappointed. If they look like the ones you use I would have more confidence in buying them in the future.

Jennifer Michel says:

No. 2 is my favorite. Love the orange and purple!

diana analla says:

Love the containers ⚜️

Margot Spera says:

can you eat the Kale you're planting in these containers?

Shelley Mourer says:

Number 3 is my favorite. Stunning

CindyT says:

Laura is awesome!!! I learn so much and love your ideas. Shopping tomorrow!!

Jessica Jacobs says:

Love this lady and her start to finish details and projects! I have learned so much watching her!

Raghvendra Dharwada says:

Love these fall containers, I really look forward to your videos. Question – I believe these are a combination of perennials and annuals. Do you leave those mums and other perennials in those pots and replace with other annuals when the season changes?

Ella Jones says:

At the pot with the orange pumpkins to me it's the prettiest

Midwest Girl says:

Love them all! Great job Laura!

Susan Rodler says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

Joan Harvey says:

Goodmorning! I love how you incorporated the kale, ornamental cabbage and the squash with the flowers! I really love the look and have never tried it. I need to! Thanks for the inspiration!

Yrutnec1 says:

LoVE them all – with the winner being the metal with the Kale – How elegant!

Ry Fry says:

Have you tried to grow ornamental kale and cabbage yourself for your pots? I would like to try next year because I use an exorbitant amount for my decorating. I have a large vegetable and flower garden so I could grow them back there for my fall plantings, I'm just not sure how that would work. Would I the be able to dig them up and put them in my pots without shocking them? I know we obviously buy them and plant them but I'm not sure if greenhouse grown would be different than starting them in the ground and moving them.

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