Foetal Development: Unborn Baby Movement at 24 Weeks | WIRED

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This video shows a 24 week gestation foetus with a relatively large amount of amniotic fluid allowing free movement of all four limbs. The cine also demonstrates fine baby movements of the foetal fingers and evidence of foetal swallowing. This degree of motion is typical for a baby of this gestation and makes imaging of the brain very challenging. Taken by King’s College London.
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Foetal Development: Unborn Baby Movement at 24 Weeks | WIRED


Mpume Phakathi says:

24 weeks today… She's super active and I wonder what she's doing in there

ginni p says:

Is the baby hicupping in this video?

Misty Mockingbird says:

Git em! Git em baby!

Oceanovo Lyanna says:

This is pretty disgusting. Ew

Jocelyn Morning says:

He doin squats in there

Sara AHHH HHH !!!!!!!!! I'M DIE!!!!!!! says:

Why he doing

groovycutie06 says:

I’m currently 24 weeks and my little boy is definitely kicking and moving. I’m peeing once an hour during the day thanks to his constant reminders lol.

Nonhlanhla Pinzi says:

I hate the agressive movements. Keeps me up at night, and hurts my private area, 27 weeks….can't wait for Labour Day…

zylia shamsieva says:

Little monsters

Valeria Vasquez Gutierrez says:

Wow, cool!!

Tori B says:

I’m 24 weeks now

K G says:

Honestly beautiful


I’m 24 weeks and have definitely been feeling those little kicks in my lower abdomen!

rose wish says:

Awww so cute.

Menta K says:

Is that the bladder right under his feet? Lol

David Williams says:

Is the head up or down in the video

khigh Brown says:

awww this makes me really emotional

I am 27 weeks pregnant

Bryann Sotomayor says:

Why did she eat a baby?

Jacob Snodgrass says:

Amazing technology

Jennifer Gh says:

Am 24 weeks too. Am I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing this baby move that way.

bananiz izzy says:

Wow so cool any more videos like this

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