FNN: Debra Milke Investigator Answers Questions, ASU Coach Fired, TedCruz.com Taken by Arizonan

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FOX10’s Steve Krafft attended Debra Milke’s press conference this morning and joins Samia Khan to discuss what was said. Then, private investigator Paul Huebl, who was the first person to talk to Milke after she spoke with Detective Saldate, visits News Now to tell his story. Sportscaster Jude LaCava will then talk sports, specifically the firing of the ASU basketball coach, Steve Nash’s retirement and what happened at the NFL owners meeting today. He will also touch on the possible future football teams in LA and why he thinks the public is losing interest in boxing. Then, Linda Williams joins to discuss domain names and branding.Will a local guy named Ted Cruz pose a problem for the senator who just announced he’s running for President? Linda Williams will have details on that. Earlier today, President Obama and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani spoke to the press.We will play then entire news conference here on FOX 10 News Now.


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