Florence + the Machine – Jenny of Oldstones (Lyric Video) | Season 8 | Game of Thrones (HBO)

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Stream/Download “Jenny of Oldstones” from Florence + the Machine: https://itsh.bo/2UqXenO

The final season of #GameofThrones airs Sundays on HBO.


Sumchick 78 says:

We want Daniel Portman’s version!!!!

توت احمر says:

يا اخوان ابي ابكي الاغنيه رهيبه

Dexfm says:

Scenes + song = tears

Alys Pardeé says:

I got chills

Bel Fiore says:

Who else came after “Power is Power” song for blessing the ears again?

Martine Lode says:

Bawling again……what we gonna do when it's over?….

M'aiqThe Liar says:

At this point, idk if IM even gonna make it past episode 3. This anxiety is terrible

Rishank Kumar says:

Who else is here after that disaster of a song "Power is Power" ?

Lewis Moreton says:

This song could be about cerise … how in the end, she will be the only one left in King's Landing, surrounded by ghosts of her past, in quiet halls of old kings. etc

The Last Anomaly says:

Made a video to dedicated to Edd Tollet, 998th Lord Commander of the NightsWatch

Andrew Enoktaev says:

I'm crying

Rick van de Bovenkamp says:

Needed this to stop my ears from bleeding from "Power is Power"

Inder Mohan says:

Who's here after watching the The Weeknd's "Power is Power"

Sos says:

Дайте текс песни на русском языке, плз

Drogon says:

Like:Jenny of oldstones
Comment:Power is power

D'oh Man says:

Blu-ray/Dvd bonus extras, right now!!!


Who came here after “power is power” trash video from HBO? Yeah I feel y’all too

Multi-Fandomer says:

Oh just go ahead and fucking gut me alive why don't you….

Ferdinand Nyoman Dhandi Setyawan says:

better than power is power

Cray' Ragnis says:

Came here after 'Power is power' to cure my ears!

Guilherme Henriques says:

Who came here to forget "power is power" was ever released…

Damaris Sanchez says:

Last weeks episode was hands down.my favorite episode ever..EVER..so far.

Niklas Bolz says:

This is so strong!

Aafreen Zeenat says:

This made me cry

angeliceyes456 says:


Tanusree Ghosh says:

I thought so many times that ned should at least tell Jon's truth to catelyn.. She was an intelligent lady.. She suffered the pain without any reason..

Yugo Hugo says:

Came here after The Weeknd and Travis Scott

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