Five Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

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Five Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

There are several things that tend to wake babies up at night. Watch and discover the top five sleep interruptions (leaky diaper, hunger, over-tiredness, noise and waking up in a different place than they went to sleep) and what to do about them.


Jessica Lowmaster says:

I love these videos and wished they made more!

Dana Roach says:

not cool

Catherine Laplante says:

Why portray bottle feeding as the norm for infant feeding? The biological norm is breastfeeding!

Angela Cameron says:

I have used babies magic tea to settle my sleep-deprived baby and got better results.

Jesi Smith says:

lol i Just go to sleep in the rocking chair with my lil Mya on my chest while I held her every ones different i guess

angela Neely says:

so cute but sad the crying is so sad right

Sehri Malik says:

My baby used to cry nearly all the night and it was driving me crazy unless I started giving him babies magic tea. He now sleeps through the night except feed time.

Serenity Eason says:

How cute them little babies are adorable

TeenMomTo baby.J says:

My baby don't usally sleep unless shes layed down on her own to fall asleep with her lullaby music on. It is just her thing …The only thing is he HAS to have "blankie and bear bear"  Bear bear is a stuffed bear I got her before I adopted her. A small tiny little bear and she has to have him if she sleeps bear bear stayes in the bed at all times and NO OTHER stuffed animal will workShes four months old


Bueno todo lo que sea aprender cosas para poder ayudar a nuestros bbs a dormirse tranquilos esta mas que bien, ya que con la rapidez que se duermen nos da a nosotras tiempo para continuar con los oficios de nuestro hogar, me parece buenisismo

shay cade says:

I never put my babies down asleep. Always drowsy. but NEVER asleep. I did this from the day I brought them home from the hospital. I think that is the key. Never rock or hold them to sleep then lay them down. I watch babies now, and the most successful sleepers, parents follow this sleep pattern. The worst sleepers with the most problems are parents who nurse, rock or pat their babies to sleep.

Andrea Goldsmith says:

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Justin Williams says:

I'm new at being a daddy and your videos are awesome and informal. Thanks!! 

albby mesina says:

H. .n m. 

ATReade says:

its normal for babies to wake at night untill one!

Елена Головатая says:

И все детки искусственники… Почему не мамы, кормящей СВОИМ молоком???? Что, чтобы смеси покупали, да?????

Jo Tio says:

My baby sleeps well in a bouncer chair day and nite, is this healthy to sleep in a bouncer?

marko vrtunic says:

+Howdini Oh hai! Thanks for sharing! On a separate note; have you thought about " Vidadsmedia Help Baby Sleep " (do a search on google)? My friends had some dealings with them and was impressed by their unbelivable system and how fast the baby fell into deep sleep! 

Angela Ciocio says:

Hey! Thanks for sharing! Since you are on the topic of baby sleep; have you heard about " Vidadsmedia Help Baby Sleep " (Have a quick look on google…cant remember the exact words)? My best friend who is a stay at home mom had some dealings with them and was impressed by their awesome system and how fast the baby fell into deep sleep

Chloe Cramer says:

My mom just had twin babies not too long ago. They are 4 months old now, and are big and healthy. The only problem is they wont sleep, and once they are up, there is a chance they wake up at the same time (must be some twin special powers or something) and it would be hard to get them back down These are very helpful. Thank you.

Catherine Armand says:

I think the best tip I got about baby sleep is Babies' Magic Tea, as soon as I gave it to my boy he felt better and started sleeping better every night

PirateKing1256 says:

Sleeping gas.

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