Five Delivery Room Tips for Dads – DadLabs Video

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Close – NEW AND EXPECTING PARENTS ORDER SANE PARENTS GUIDE: – Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay give five simple tips for dads in the delivery room. Your wife is pregnant and in the birth center and you’re ready for labor and delivery. You’ve been following the pregnancy week by week, and you think you’re prepared for childbirth. However, there are some simple things you might forget when waiting on baby delivery. First, you might want to consider bringing change for the snack machine. The labor delivery could take a while and you don’t to stray to far from the delivery room. Second you should consider giving your pregnant wife a foot massage. Third get a push present. Push presents are gifts you give to thank your wife for the birthing process and pregnancy. Birthstone jewelry is a great way to celebrate the new addition into your family. Forth create an iPod playlist of your wife’s favorite songs. Lastly and most important, don’t faint. The crowning can be a dizzying experience. Remember the lessons your learned at Lamaze classes and breathe. Congratulations on the new baby. The Lab ep 524 is brought to you by Baby Bjorn Distributed by Tubemogul.

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Bruce P says:

baby bjorn are awesome we have two.

Andrei Simionescu says:

Great tips for scared shitless dads like me

doom4uall says:

luv u guysss woohoo!. im having my first kid in about a month and a half. its a girl! and im totally lost as to what i can do from my part to help! but these videos help now that ive found them!

missmaggielou2010 says:

My man brought the XBOX and hooked it up to the tv in the room so he could play games and even though I was in labor, I didn't mind LOL watching him play bioshock took my mind off things 😛

ciaramalis says:

Thanks, SO MUCH, Guys, for making this awesome video & series. Truly wonderful, helpful, & SMART! This Mommy-to-Be REALLY appreciates you, & so does "Dad"! ; )

Danielle Biggar says:

LOL! I hadnt thought about this but i am going to bring snacks for him to have during active labour because if he leaves me once during labour, Ill be the one going caveman!

SkitzChicc says:

Good ideas except the first one. If you eat in front of me while I've been pushing and can only eat ice chips, I will kill you. Don't even come in the room smelling like food, or I will kill you!

sgonged says:


sgonged says:

Nope. I would stay in the waiting room all over again too.

studyhalloffice says:

yeah. Weak.

TheFamilyguy421 says:

The food massage is a good idea.

DadLabs says:

@sgonged It's a legit option.

sgonged says:

This dad was in the waiting room. Dads don't need to be back there.

sryo89 says:

Awesome videos guys!:) Def gonna show my hubby these-expecting our first in 3 months and both of us are a little nervous!:)

DadLabs says:

@BrenduhLiana Thanks for watching. And you will love your Bjorn!

Brenda MacSwan says:

You guys are awesome, great tips my fiance will love em! And I definitley plan on getting a baby bjorn! Thanks!

0Myles0 says:

They forgot two more tips,
6. Get a vasectomy, the gene pool needs to stop here!
7. Give the mother a gun, so she can shoot these morons.

mummy bear says:

oh man marry me gifts at birth…. xxx

jason m says:

if this had come out a few days earlier i could have used some of these tips lol. im a bit of a take charge type i guess so delivery was a bit trying . i ended up taking over counting from the doctor and keeping my wife cool with a damp rag and such. i thinki even monopolized the air mask (put it on her after each session of pushing). i think i went a bit over board but ive been a fire fighter for a while now and those instincts coupled with the "cave man" instinct pretty much took over

tatze1986 says:

The pushpresent is a nice idea =) as well as the champagner 😉

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