First Trimester Pregnancy Vlog: Morning Sickness, Bump Shot | hayleypaige

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Scrooby Doeps says:

So refreshing to find videos where someone is honest about the sucky bits of pregnancy without making me feel worse. I'm 13 weeks now and just feel bleh all the time. When did morning stop for you?

Anna Lyakundi says:

thank you.. its soo hard

Jessi Malay says:

Thank you for being so open & honest love! I'm at 20 weeks and had many of the same symptoms! Just uploaded my first pregnancy vlog ❤️

Mei says:

It's so nice to hear someone with the same exact symptoms, especially the flipping rash. I'm only four months and the morning sickness finally started going away. I hated food, I wanted nothing, and lost so much weight.

Jewels Vlogs says:

can anyone please subscribe to me? I will be uploading tons of pregnancy vlogs soon xoxo Jewels

jairrah morris says:

The saliva thing is so true! Omg I thought (& my family) that I was being dramatic. It's so gross! I'm 13 weeks today so hopefully it gets better!

laura lea llewellyn says:

great video !! I've been so blessed to not experience morning sickness during my pregnancy. I thought with twins it would be double the symptoms haha!

Abigail Cooper says:

Your symptoms are exactly what I have as well, I'll be 12 weeks in a few days so I HOPE it gets better like yours did! I've felt alone but this has definitely made me feel better that I'm not the only one that's been miserably sick!

Monika Martin says:

Were you working at the time of morning sickness? I'm afraid I'd have to stop working if my sickness is that bad

Katie Leneski says:

Bless your heart! I'm so sorry you were so sick. Im late commenting but I'm sure you looked like a million bucks at your wedding. You are so beautiful

Ashley-Nicole Chevere says:

I just found out I'm pregnant but before I found out I broke out in a bad rash all over my back

Jewels Vlogs says:

you are super pretty, where did you get your lights? I am subbing you, think im pregnant and hope I am xo

Hawa Balde says:

Am 7weeks pregnant and your videos are so helpful I feel so sick and all smells make me feel so sick

Moza says:

Morning sickness is the worse! Mine got really bad especially at 8-11 weeks and finally started easing up by my 12th week. I was vomiting a minimum of 10 times a day! It was so bad I had to be hospitalized and I was diagnosed with HG! I seriously couldn't keep any food down and lost a total of 10 kgs! I'm 18 weeks today and I'm thankfully as happy as I can be pregnant (aside from my cold lol..)

Mariana Fieri says:

You are the first one I see telling the real stuff. I am feeling the same things and hope finally just two more weeks until second trimester Thanks for sharing!

Haley Doland says:

I'm at this point right now! So glad I found this video, I relate so much. Gives me hope that my second trimester will be better <3 Im the same way right now, ill have dreams about certain foods and wake up in the middle of the night so sick! Oh my god! this is the first video that has even mentioned the amount of saliva in my mouth haha, its so gross. i feel like I'm drowning. I am so thankful for how real this video is, thank you girl!

Zeebee says:

So happy I found your channel! I found out about 3 weeks ago that I'm pregnant as well. I'm only 7 weeks but it's my first time and I've just been trying to take it all in. I'm starting to feel the nausea and dizziness now which is so uncomfortable! However your videos make me feel like I'm not going through this journey alone. So thank you! Definitely had to subscribe and excited to watch all of your videos :)

Abby Adams says:

my husband and I got married October 22, but we got married before our "real" wedding which was supposed to be May 20th 2017. we have to move it to February because last Friday we found out I'm pregnant with our first child. I am really struggling, because we didn't plan it. we wanted to wait two years before having kids…this will sound horrible but I'm not excited at all. my husband is SO excited and I feel terrible, but I feel so sick and scared. your videos are really helping me though

Melanie Elam says:


Melanie Elam says:

I'm almost 7 weeks I have the pregnancy rash as well it's so annoying.

Y Y says:

I was the exact same during my first trimester! Vomiting 2-3 times a day and on the really bad days I would vomit the whole day non stop up to 10 times. I was later prescribed cyclizine 21 (anti-emetic) which helped loads. I was soo depressed, felt my life was stagnant for three months, barely even went out to enjoy the summer and looked soo frail, thin and ill. Now I am 19 weeks and this second trimester has been amaaaazinggg!! I'm finally enjoying pregnancy. Great to see someone I can relate to on youtube. xx

Emily Marzullo says:

Oh my gosh I feel you with the intense morning sickness I had it from week 5 up until a week or two ago (currently 14 weeks and 1 day). I still have the major sluggish feeling. But when I had morning sickness, I couldn't keep a lot down. I'd throw up on and off all day. It sucked.

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