FIRST TRIMESTER PREGNANCY RECAP! Symptoms, Cravings, Bump Shot! | TrinaDuhra

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My 1st Trimester Pregnancy Recap including all my symptoms, cravings, ultrasound experiences, and belly bump shot of a first time Mom to be!
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*FYI: This video was filmed in November (months ago) but now that I announced we’re having a baby in MAY, I still wanted to upload it to update you on the first few months of pregnancy!
Also I hope that it helps distract your mind for a few minutes and comfort anyone else going through pregnancy during this scary time!
I hope you are all safe and doing well! ❤️

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B irisxo says:

I just found this video, I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant today and EVERYTHING you were talking about feeling and your thoughts on the first trimester is exactly how I feel atm ! I’m definitely almost out of this stage thank god, my SECOND appointment is on my Birthday September 22 and it still doesn’t feel real to me but the symptoms I definitely can’t ignore ! Lol Definitely love this video! Thank you so much for this ❤️

Sandy Bright says:

Congratulations am inspired. Am 6w now

Aria Hanna says:

I'm 5 weeks after thinking I could never have a baby and I have so many emotions. Hoping everything goes well for myself and anyone else who is expecting ❤ it'll be worth it when we get there

Ankit Taneja says:

Congratulations!!! What lights did you use for filming and how many?

Antonia Lisica says:

I’m curious but are you back to having coffee now? I have friends that were turned off coffee during pregnancy but afterwards were back to it

Care Connelly says:

Congrats! For me it became real when I had the first ultrasound! I’m due October so we’re not that far apart :)

Fatima Whaley says:

This is the SWEETEST!! Why am I crying?! So so precious and so happy for your sweet family!

Venus says:

I did not know they can do an ultrasound pictures at 8 weeks.

BeYOUtiful Prosperous Queen says:


Destiny Cabryle’ says:

Just found out i was pregnant today!! my period was 3 days late, my due date is February 27th 2021

Emily Wade says:

I’m 3.5 weeks! So excited but so nervous!!

Daisy says:

I love how genuine you were in the video. I was mostly scared but now I’m excited to go through this journey. Please keep the videos coming!

Evang. Georgia Princess says:

Were you vomiting?

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