First Trimester Pregnancy Recap | Symptoms, Cravings and Essentials!

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Hey HealthNuts! Welcome back to the channel & another Baby Acorn video! Today I’m sharing a real, honest and very chatty overview of my first trimester. We’re talking symptoms, cravings and emotions that I experienced (hello hormones!) as well as the essentials that I’ve sworn by to get me through the sickness!

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IdolEyes84 says:

Yes! The tiredness,dizziness, cramps, sore muscles, moodiness and forgetfulness is crazy. If anyone has ever tried giving up carbs it's like that. It's like really bad flu pains without the other symptoms. I am drinking lots of water, yet I don't feel like doing anything or eating anything. Potassium, coconut water, iron and vitamin D have been helping a little bit. I can hardly stand up and sleep all the time and can only take panadol (I usually take advil/nuraphen). I had to check every vitamin and supplement. Wow so much for this tiny little thing, so much has changed already! :)

Chelsea Taylor says:

How is she wearing those shorts? I would be so uncomfortable

AkumaxTamashii says:

BODY POSITIVITY! Your legs are beautiful and the hair is natural. dont be ashamed of how your body is.

Makayla Hale says:

I work as a CNA at a hospital and just found out I’m pregnant. I’m having trouble having the energy to work

Bhagyashree c says:

I'm so glad I decided to watch this..feeling all those things.. really helpful❤️

carolyn McCrone says:

Thanks for sharing! Watch you guys all the time but I went back to watch this because I am at 8 weeks and am STRUGGLING with nausea all day and feeling alone in this pandemic and it’s helpful to watch this so thank you :)

gorja sohar says:

I am so glad i watched your video. It made me cry, laugh and gain knowledge about what I am going through. Thank you for sharing :)

Abbey Ramirez says:

I’ve loved watching a few of your recipe and day in the life videos and just stumbled upon this one… we’re due date twins! Except mine is Nov. 3, 2021. Excited to keep following your journey!

christen gardner says:

I’m going to try bump and I’m super scared I’ll have a miscarriage tbh I can’t wait until I’m 8 weeks and when the first trimester is done. I’m almost 7 weeks now

christen gardner says:

I have been using pregnancy plus and it’s not super cute etc but it’s not bad

Barbu Diana says:

Libra here, pregnant with a future Scorpio. 10 weeks now, due date on 7 or 8 November. This made me feel so good, i'm still having nausea, vomiting a bit (less than a few weeks ago) but sooo excited about it. Have an easy pregnancy :)

Ashborghini says:

THEE most relatable pregnancy video i’ve watched. you took all the words out of my mouth when it came to symptoms and feelings lol thank you for not making me feel alone and crazy! so happy i found you

Divya Dewan says:

Hi Nicole, I've been following you along your pregnancy journey, n now that m in the first trimester myself, I was wondering if you could share what all tests you got done, what was the process like, were they all ohip covered, etc.

Rachel Lascola says:

I'm pregnant, my first trimester

Rebecca Ware says:

So relatable. Thank you so much

Bvv says:

I’m in my first trimester and you described it perfectly! It hit me overnight. I can’t eat anything but fruit and even still it’s sickness all day. I can barely drink water. I feel dizzy when I get out of bed or I can barely move out of bed. I feel tugging in my abdomen. I don’t know what to do.

Jillian Copeland says:

Anyone else in their first trimester eating a whole bunch? I’m just super hungry all the time!

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