First Skateboard Lesson

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Cole, Hallie & Brighton learn the first steps of skateboarding with Jase from Jaseboards using their new KIDS-line of skateboards called Gromboards (go checkout and use the “jehat” promo code and get 15% off).

Jase takes them through the following steps:
1. Safety
2. Which foot to put in front
3. How to push off
4. How to cruise
5. Practice and have fun

Thanks Jase. The kids are loving their new Gromboards.

Disclaimer: JEhat and Jaseboards teamed up to announce the arrival of Gromboards, a kids-focused line of skateboards.


[TGR] Clockwork says:

Protective gear is overrated. You gotta learn how to fall

Pro justin says:

That was easy i can do a kick flip ollei hard flip

REDD 24 says:

Thats longboard

Pro justin says:

Cool guys good jub


They think they are pros lol


I am beginning to skateboard. Did you guys just watch YouTube video or some professional skateboard to come and help me?

JuicyFTW says:

I Got A 28" Board and now I realise why i was So bad at skating (I started of with no protection and an advanced board)

JuicyFTW says:

I Taught Myself And That Somehow lead to Failing Success

Raphael Domingo says:

hey when they are like teenager or so maybe teach them how to do TRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

นิรมล เริกรัง says:

Hi I'm Dada

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