‘Finish the Lyric’ with Ellen, James Corden & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Olivia Ture says:

Whats that song called " you aint got no problem with me"

Bethany Simpson says:

When you realise Ellen is a low-key thug…

waris Safi says:

Ellen are you marred or do you have a boyfriend

Iven Cloesen says:

At least I have heard two of the songs once but that's about it. d;.p #yourealizeyoureoldwhen

Fatuma Aman says:

James corden looks like a rip off of Ben Phillips lolz

Deborah Vasuilakeba says:

5:39 andy hahahaha

Ella Mcgonnell says:

Ellen is amazing an an actual inspiration is an example of Ellen

Yasmine Belhimer says:


Rumps says:

lol James is so mad it's a tie

kiki lawson says:

What is the song before JB??

karina ozuna says:

James should do a "Take a Break" segment for Andy during Ellen's show!

rmaisel07 says:

meh not that funny…

Katelyn Oakes says:

What's the song called at 4:43?

Ra Re says:

James Corden is soooooo nice☺

Praew Jira says:

when bbhmm I thought if blackpink

Jimmy Vidler says:

James cordon should do a carpool karaoke with ellen

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