Female fertility animation

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Rajni Sharma says:

Waooo great.

Sommer Allford says:

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Ashlei says:

In other words,


Shindo Nunow says:

why you aren't worshiping the only one who created you in darkness and feeding you while you in mother womb the one who matched time of delivery and breast milk to feed you the one who donated you Oxgen and air who Give you beautiful shape what if God created you as donkey there is no one can change andthere is No one who can ask why but God choice you this beautiful shape
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roja roja says:

Medam how to toub pregnancy
Plz eaxplean medam

ViulaDeer says:

0:43 So this is where Steven goes..

Ezi O’L says:

did you know it’s been proven that period cramps can be just as painful as a heart attack?

SirTChamp says:

Why was this recommend to me?

sandieneilan says:

Why is my fallopian tube fluffy

Ducducfab L says:

My period isn’t regular and me and my boyfriend have been using the pull out method, how long after I missed my supposed period (period tracking app) should I be worried? My boyfriend always pulls out in time but pre cum is a concern.

MiLin Hardy says:

Periods are just another name for visiting h*ll every month!!!

Ngo Hai Giang says:

if Anybody has infertility problem then ThePregnancyFact. Com website will help you to get pregnant. I personally tried it and i get results.


gachalover cuteness says:

did you guys notice the dislikes its 666 so creepy

Zeenathhussain Zeenathhussain says:

Periods modalu yenadru symptoms iratha

Rose Cadenza says:

Dang! Basically every month, my uterus is trying to make a baby. XD

Marie Jensen says:

only video that makes any sense

joanapaula subteniente says:

what a amazing

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Looks like an alien movie

Itz_Faudrey Playz says:

What age does menstruation starts?

Grace Nicely says:

No hate you

вχввlє.тχα says:

Now my vagina hurts..

Teacher Dee Dee Educational Learning Fun says:

Very helpful info!

Averynn Games says:

… so as simple as releasing our precious egg cell is already painful with cramps. I can't imagine what the fertilization pain would feel like nye..

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