Feeling Baby Move: Weeks 18-21 of Pregnancy | Parents

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You’ll start feel your baby’s fluttering movements (called quickening) between now and 22 weeks. Get ready, mama: Feeling him kick is one of the most magical parts of being pregnant.



Your Developing Baby, Week by Week:

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Zabbar Mahamd says:

I'm 21 weeks now…i can fell baby movement 4 sometims…plz pray 4 my baby…

Sara Omair says:

I am 20 weeks pregnent but still m not feeling baby's movemnet why???

100 Weak Days says:

Why am I here I'm not even pregnant

Ashu Chisu says:

I'm 19 weak pregnant and I can fill my baby moving I'm so happy

GeorgiaPink89 says:

I am 18 weeks and 4 days and have been trying to hear baby’s heart beat with a stethoscope. I haven’t been successful I don’t think, but baby did kick the stethoscope away when I put some pressure! Lol

Afrin Abbas says:

While watching my baby made a cute little jerk something 19 weeks pregnant

Dinabandhu Dinabandhu says:

I am 21 week pregnant my baby moving I'm so happy

shaheen afzal says:

Mera masha ALLAH 20 week ha Aur mujy moment fel nei ho rahi dua karna mujy bi jaldi say baby moment fel ho ameen it's my first baby

Heather HUNTER says:

I am 16weeks on sunday july 14th… I am.due December 29th… 2019.. I cant wait for my child to moved around in my womb…

Cheng Pusing says:

I am 20 weeks pregnant two days from now, and it's my first baby. But I could feel my babies tiny movement as early as 12 weeks! I know it is so weird but I'd really felt the flutters since I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Now, I can really feel its movement and sometimes the kick! and I was so shocked when the first time I felt that! hahaha. I am now worried if how strong will be the kick of this baby, around 7-9 months. lol

TshEriNg DenzoNgpa says:

I am 3 month pregnant… Please pray for my baby… I need a baby girl

Princess Sidra says:

baba kon sy month sy movement krta hi or baby kon sy month sy

Roshonda Bowman says:

19 weeks and 2 days with twin girls

Afzal Aamar says:

I heard baby girl is moving in 14+ week of pregnancy and baby boys moving in 20+ week means latee,is this true ???? Can any tells me

Autumn & mommy says:

Im 18 weeks now and i just felt my first real kicks a few minutes ago and im so happy!!

L G says:

First time mom and I started feeling her move at 16w5d.

Nagasurya Surya says:

am 5th month 14 days pragnency ,,,,today i face stomock pain ,,,,y its happen ,,,it cases any problem …reply me plz

chelleshauteseat says:

Pregnant with my First baby now and I started feeling flutters at 14-15 weeks. 16w6d I felt the kick with my hand.

Wouterus Frantzen says:

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Mary Wanjiru says:

I'm 32 weeks

Sakib Mani says:

Pray for me

Reya Salazar says:

I love this

Abrar Ibne says:

I feel my baby movement 1time.I am already 21weeks.I am worried about my baby plz help me

Rukhsar Pathan says:

I m 18week 2days pragnant write today ,but i cant feel any movement of my baby in my wormb what should i have to do plzzz somebody suggest me any idea…

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