Fat Belly to Flat Belly in 1 Month

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Lost 20 lbs through exercise and cutting out refined carbohydrates. Cutting out refined carbs is really important for reducing belly fat. However I am not perfect, I do hold my abdomen in as well with my muscles which helps give a flatter appearance. I don’t have a flat toned abdomen, that’s not my kind of body shape. But this is how you can reduce some of the fat for your health and improve the appearance by strengthening your muscles and holding your pot belly in


Power Knowledge says:

How do we know that’s you? Didn’t show your face.

Jennifer Marie says:

I am so sick of this thin body spam on my videos. Youtube should
automatically delete it! UGH.

Mari Rodriguez says:

Great job!! Belly fat is stubborn!! Very happy for you!! Great video!! :))

Semmy Henry says:

I get impressed by women who take their shape seriously and ready to make
the sacrifices required to keep in shape. This is a very bold move.
Congrats to the result. This link http://www.ibourl.net/momsburnfat is proven to
make fat burning easier for women who gave it a trial. See proof for
yourself. Tell the truth to go away and so it goes away quietly

Bartosz Bielawski says:

So after a year You managed to loose 20lbs… impressive? Not at all, ur
still overweight…

Pamela D. Nouansavanh says:

thanks for your honest video, your the only person who really show’s her
body with real fat instead of all those skinny girls who already have flat
belly’s and tried to sell products that are not even paid for.

African Princess says:

That’s not a flat stomach. Thanks for nothing

skitzmadpaige says:

omg thats awesome keep it up. 

Bartosz Bielawski says:

1lbs of fat = 3500kcal to burn.

This video is not motivating, on contrary. You think this is inspiring and
amazing transformation ( yes some called it like that ) than face it – You
will probably never loose enough weight to make You feel good.
You dont like Your weight? Than do something about it its not hard if You
really want it.
Loosing 20lbs out of 200lbs in 1 YEAR ( 365 days ) is nothing to be proud
of, nothing at all. Thats 0.05lbs of fat burned every day.

All You got to do is to reduce daily kcal intake by 175kcal to achive that
weight loss. So what is so impressive in that?

Want to loose weight? Than excercise. Even stationary bike will give You
nice results. 45min – 1 hour a day every second day
will give nice results, keeping Your heart rate around 130 per minut. Or in
other words, You must be covered in sweat after Your excercise… Yes its
going to be hard at first but You will see great results withing weeks. And
not just weight, stamina, strength. You will feel better and not just

Linda Love says:

So very proud of you. Oprah found her ideal and manageable weight, too,
without starving. The best to you.

Milagros Perez says:

Good, it is very healthy

Julia Johnson says:

any weight loss and drive to be healthier is great! good job, keep it up

Iman Muhammad says:

you look great congrats. keep up the great work.

Westy J says:

you look awesome! did this take a month or a year? saw 2 dates….anyways,
i know you’re right w/ the sugars/carbs, but i have to get working on this
also. you’re an inspiration & motivating me to get moving. still holding
onto belly baby weight & my son is 10 lol…can’t blame that one anymore
lol… thanks for having the guts & heart to put it out there for us. you
look so healthy & that’s what really matters in the long run right

anyelin ulloa says:

Amazing transformation

Hollidae Perigan says:

Jennifer, I am amazed at your results that is A HUGE STEP in a year going
from then to what you are now. I don’t know you but am very proud of you..
you give me inspiration to stay motivated, what were your excersize plans
and stuff?

Get In Shape With Lee says:

You look amazing, I am working hard on this journey! I will just take it
one day at a time!

Terri Scroggins says:


faith maxwell says:

Thats amazing! And girl weight is hard to lose point blank. So the fact
that you lost 20 lbs is amazing! It doesn’t matter the time it took, just
the results and the results are awe inspiring!

glitter box says:

sorry but what was the point of that video? :

Madeleine Ann Lowthian Smith says:

honest realistic inspiring. thank you.

Z Matin says:

What did you do say to me plz

cutelilbunnycrafts says:

Good job!! You look great

Erica Cheesney says:

What u use it, anyway?

sugarlette86 says:

I think it is grate I’m on a my way as we’ll I have only lost 14 lbs but it
is very inspiring to see this I hope you meet your goal 

Ted Pence says:

this may look like spam, but we can help you to lose weight.

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Zora Fiora says:

What’s ur secret girl? I just like the result :)

خالد الشهري says:

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