Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

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Focus on concentration, breathing and exercising the perineum muscle for the later stage of your pregnancy. These will give strength and prepare your body for delivery. All dad-to-be can also involve in these exercises.


KNOW. says:

Generally speaking, exercise during your pregnancy's first trimester is a good thing, but always speak to your doctor to make sure you're in a healthy enough state for exercise. Your level of fitness before your pregnancy will determine how intense your workouts during your pregnancy can be.

Pía Renteria says:

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aneela aneela says:

fake bale ho ya jo be as sy humy kya wo just bata rahy han

Shazia Yousuf says:

my sister is 7 month pregnant can she do these exercises ? please reply asap mam

Jonathan Samson says:

Wow this is exactly what I needed for my body

Ďr.Pooja Vaghela says:

This exs can perform for short cervix (2.5 cm )?


I HV 28 weeks of pregnancy.shall I perform squatting exercise

Karimoon Shaik says:

How many members are tried this exercise?and how many member get normal delivery?plz reply me

Angelo L says:

Angelo sek

SuperJem says:

No warm up or stretching before and after ??

sumana repaka says:

She is not pregnant lady

Berlin Wall says:

This is pretty dumb and ineffective. How is stretching the legs going to help you stretch the vagina big enough to make this shit less comfortable. Stick to massaging the Perineum with Vaseline and make sure you are at a healthy weight. You're still probably going to tear the vagina during birth, but massaging the perineum + staying at a low weight reduces chances of severe tearing if you're going vaginal delivery.

Tobani Mubita says:

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Raliya Mohamed says:

Am not yet married yet watching dis kkkkk

M. Raji Swari says:

Thank u so much

Pearl Manju, says:

Better using squat toilet

Nitin Chopra says:

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victor eghan says:

That's perfect and I really love that.

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