Eminem – Mockingbird

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Music video by Eminem performing Mockingbird. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 14,297,644. (C) 2004 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records


vapor boy1019458 says:

My question is how can someone dislike this

Disabled kid says:

the only true rapper that deserve all fame he have

Nishant Charas says:



Can you tell me whts the meaning in this fuckin' beauty song?
Subs me pls

delondra carmicle says:

Best rapper alive.

ifesinachi treasure says:

this song never gets old Hailey is all grown up now .

Giorgos Agorakis says:

Dislikes by 313 "T3AM"

Giorgos Agorakis says:

Eminem best rapper off the world

Jasmin Smith says:

i respect eminem idk about you guys but i love him new rap suck all people rap about now is women calling them hoes

jeancy lefuni says:

i have never seen a bitch twerking in his songs

FF Gameplay - says:

Eminem e foda porra

Tactical Nuke Gaming says:

and ill always go see my family instead of working or doing anything family matters most

Tactical Nuke Gaming says:

and Eminem is the best rapper ever he should be recorded in history

Tactical Nuke Gaming says:

Eminem is the rap god but no'one listens to him or cares about him anymore and i know what this song means it means that every second you spend with your family is better than anything even billions of dollars its even better than anything

Campbell Briggs-Canavan says:

this is such a powerful song.

Billy360_ X says:

who else is watching this in 2017

Danilo Kesić says:

2017 anyone?

Natalia R says:

This song is so beautiful, why can't we just appreciate it instead of bringing up other artists and songs and trashing them. Stop bringing others down to uplift someone. Just say you miss old rap.

Lisa Mezzosangue. says:

Eminem You are My Hero.

StarCitizen Modding says:

The IT clown movie ad before this vid. i was thinking clowns aint scary wtf. Then baby haley pops up in a clown suit lol

Katherine McNamee says:

This song brings back memories for me and a lot of pain full ones

Patrick Hillman says:

I always cry!!!!!!! :( I feel sooo sorry for him

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