Ellen’s Parenting Advice

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Jiang Tingting says:


2beau4u says:

She spent 75,000 on 300 women

Lacy Armstrong says:

Spot the difference


Jay Jay112 says:

Aww someone had twins 

Spiderman says:

What the fuck does this dyke know about parenting?

Ryan minaj says:

The amount of people did the pungpong

vikrant kulkarni says:

LOVE ELLEN.she's such a joy.

Andrew Courtney says:

"Only send us the cute ones"

Well, some children grow into their looks

Andrew Courtney says:

Keep them there till the end of the show,
Haha, i'm dying

Greatest gift-Big boobs, I don't see it

Alex Savage says:

Ellen and Portia never had a kid from a sperm donor. They never adopted. Hell, Ellen couldn't even take care of a dog without giving it up when it got too challenging. I don't care that this is joke advice, Ellen knows nothing about motherhood. Ellen should shut the fuck up about it and stick to what she's good at: giving away free stuff to the people who paid to be in her show audience. I wish there was a longer list of what Ellen is good at, but there isn't. She talks awkwardly when interviewing people more talented than her, dances without rhythm, and makes depressingly unfunny jokes.

laurapong321 says:

dirnk, and you wont hear a thing

ROBLOX Zeninjago says:

"Thanks Pete"

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