Ellen's Favorite Scares

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Solo1 ॐ says:

Fuhk'in luv yous, Ellen!

Alvaro Luck says:

Pelease!! This programme should be in Netflix Spain :(

Vittorio Feola says:


Gabby Potter says:

Qué cabrona

Salman C says:

2019 people?

Slimes Rock! says:

Scare sofie Dossi or cardi b I dunno

Abeena KA says:

the best was Justin

Carmeleon HP says:

I would love to be on Ellen just to see if she would he able to scare me cause hardly any of my friends managed to in the past few years

Maurice_1 says:

Ive heared of this Show lol

Leticia Brooke says:

Eu amo a Ellen

Kye Perez says:

Kristen’s one was my fave

Sophia Ledbetter says:

I favorite was not in the video! My favorite one is the BTS one

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