Easy Tricks to Make Your Baby Move in the Womb

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Fetal movement is an indication your baby is alive and well. There are some normal reasons you may not be perceiving your baby moving such as fetal sleep. These tricks should make a normal baby move.
However, if you have any concerns about the reduction of fetal movement, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t even wait until morning.
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Jashmin 1997 Patel says:

I am 32 weeks pregnant but i can't feel baby movement and it's my first pregnancy

Sandhya Sehrawat says:

What do we mean by feotal stomach bubble collapsed at 18 week scan please reply fast I am worried.. doctor said everything is fine except this….

Marian Almanza says:

I'm having my first baby. Cant wait to see my little girl Ruby on Sept 20, 2021. Mommy loves you…

Neelima suresh says:

This is my frist pregnancy am in 4th month pls bless me n my baby for healthy baby n safe delivery

Nancy Ferrari says:

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Shaira Marcos says:

Im 28 weeks pregnant i cant feel my baby kicking im afraid help me.. I just feel something beat in my belly is it the baby?

Bruce_Lee89 says:

I disliked this video because there was no audio. The content itself was good though

Nimra Butt says:

At 30week my belly had become hard plz tell me reasons

Nimra Butt says:

Hey I am 30week pregnant but I am very much worried plz pray for me

kristine ann fuliga says:

It's my first pregnancy and currently we are 4 months and 1 day. At night, I'm quite confused if I'm hungry or someone is kicking hehehe. Hai. This little munchkin growing in my tummy. Can't wait to see him or her. Praying for all soon to be mommies out there. Have a safe pregnancy po. God bless.

Khushi,s Volgs says:

My second pregnancy ALHUMDOLLIAH 4th month complete hony waly han ALLAH PAK sub ko Naik or sehat wali ulaad atta farmaye mujy b duaoun ma yad rakhiye ga❤️

Bree Holley says:

I m 31 weeks and baby us moving i wanma get it on video but i never can. She loves kicking punching moving around. im due june 11th.

Safia Aslam says:

Hello I am in 19th week 2 days. But couldn't feel baby movement till now had ultrasound baby is moving..is it normal?

Subha Subha says:

This is my 1st pregnancy pls pray for my baby ❤️

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