Early Pregnancy Diary: 7 Weeks

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This is part of my early pregnancy diary. I tried to film as I went along, just to document my fears and symptoms, so please be aware that these videos aren’t “live” – this one, for example, was filmed in June 2016. I wasn’t brave enough to put them out live, as you just never know what’s going to happen with pregnancy and I had to respect the wishes of my immediate family. But I hope that you find this useful if you’re watching – you can find loads more posts over on my baby blog. This is my second baby – there’s a whole written diary for the first baby here: http://www.theuphill.com/category/pregnancy/pregnancy-diary/

My name is Ruth Crilly, I’m possibly better known for being “A Model Recommends” – http://www.youtube.com/amodelrecommends. I live with a house cat, a dog, my husband and my baby who is, at time of writing, 15 months old. My husband does not appear in videos but is very much present!

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Val IsYerPal says:

lol this video is everything.

Angie Leeb says:

You needed your Mum to look after you

Rhonda G says:

I'm so happy you posted this, Ruth! My first and second pregnancies ended in MC. Now, I am 10 weeks(and 35 years old) and you have described my experience perfectly(right down to feeling "hungover"). My dearest husband is having a very hard time keeping my pregnancy under wraps, and every time he tells someone, my heart sinks. Thank you for being so honest. It made me fell less alone and more "normal". It's also comforting to know that everything is now going swimmingly for you!

viyavictoria says:

I had c section, doctors say I should wait 3-4 years before get pregnant again. because of the scar in the uterus… it should heal completely before stretch again. how is your scar? did your doctor said anything about it?

LondonFan2010 says:

You're not boring but very sweet. I think everybody can understand and relate at some level with whar you are/were going through. I wish you all the luck with your pregnancy and birth :) Enjoy your happy little family expanding :)

conradigirl says:

Congratulations Ruth and Mr. AMR !
And I´m so happy that the baby is safe and that you are feeling better now.

I have a 3 year old and had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago and I´m really frightened about getting pregnant again. But I try to say to myself, that we already have a healthy child and that there are many people that get healthy babys after they miscarried.

So stories like yours and those of your lovely subscribers in this comment section give me hope <3

Marzipan Pig says:

p.s. It'll be so neat, when your kids are older, and they have these videos of yours to go back and watch, as well as your writings.

Marzipan Pig says:

Thank you for sharing this video, even though it was such a hard/vulnerable time for you. It's brave of you, and honestly lovely, for you to share your experiences with your fans. (What would you call us, btw…. your Crillies, maybe?)

kylieD says:

I was very lucky to have 2 successful pregnancies, both of which we fell pregnant very quickly. I worried the whole way through for both. I think it's one of the reasons I don't want to try for a third. I feel like we had so much good luck with the first 2 I don't want to push it. Realistically I know this is ridiculous, but… I am a worrier in general though. Best wishes to you and you expanding family xx

Kirstyn Downing says:

Oh Ruth this had me laughing at you eating the minimilk?! in bed rambling and sobbing at your miscarriage and wait for your first baby. I'm a new Mum to a six month old baby girl so very much looking forward to more videos. With love Kirstyn X

StumblinIsNotFallin says:

Irish twins

Samantha B says:

I'm 7 weeks right now and this video made me feel better :) Thank you for uploading this!

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