Eagles vs. Bills Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Buffalo Bills during Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Hey bills, how in the hell you gonna get beat by the dang eagles?? SMH

Tom says:

bills fans acting like they have an elite team was laughable. 6 teams they've beaten so far have a combined 9-42 record and the only teams they've faced that are decent they lost to.

jerome2022 says:

All teams in the central states lost sunday

The Pride says:

Credits to the Eagles. They showed up and did their job.

Jacob Myers says:

Don't forget the boys hafto face us at home !

josh chigurh says:

1:28 Phillys placeholder deserves a raise for that adjustment

Pumpin George says:

The Nfc is Stacked this year…
2 good teams will end up not making the playoffs
My guess likely be the lions and Eagles….

1New Orleans
2San Fransisco
4 Dallas
5 Minnesota
6 Seattle….
That's going to be your NFC Playoffs folks

No says:

Any one notice that as soon as their old offensive coordinator left we playing pretty vad

Aries Hipolito says:

bills in the 90s :(

Max says:

Seems like that the Bills call that QB sneak slash run thing but it never works even when they have decent running backs. Wonder why the offensive coordinators always calls that play.

Edson Trujillo says:

We need to keep howard

Dolf Dervish says:

Press pause @05:04.

Martin Goodef' says:

Why aren’t the teams titles color coded with their uniforms. Eagles colors are white, and have a green colored theme, Bills are dark blue and have a red theme ,Homer Simpson must be at the controls. DOH !

BEAVIS says:

Bills: They are who we thought they were.

BFLO BuDHa says:

Howard said later on the Bills where scared to tackle them, they played more physical and won the line..

luis betances says:

Miles Sanders is a special game changer type it guy,but howard man it's the bell cow ,that's the man ,I wish eagles keep him and dont make the mistake of let him go.like blunt last year

Owen Edgecombe says:

Dilly Dilly!!!! Swoop!! Go Birds!!!

tjsam805 says:

I can't wait for cravon and maddox top come back into the secondary, we need sooo much help back there

Jacob Walther says:

5:01 Look at that guy in the Bills jersey and the beanie, his face is perfect

Ben Skinner says:

For a mid first round pick Trumaine Edmunds is ass. See at @4:46, it's his fault that Sanders goes half the field for a TD, cos Edmunds, despite being a physical freak, can't get off a block. Weak ass tackler at @6:30 and the next play, just terrible angles and weak strength. At @8:00 is the most egregious. He has no idea what he's doing out there. Commits fully to defending a screen pass that isn't there. I say just put him at DE where he doesn't have to think too much and use his physical gifts.
Also, wasn't Scott down at @7:08?
Also, Josh Allen sucks. The Bills came off a playoff appearance and decided to tear it down by trading Tyrod (who is still a better QB than Allen) and Cordy Glenn when they should've run it back. They then traded UP for Allen when a guy like Mason Rudolph or Luke Falk are adequate (if they wanna go the new QB route) that they could've gotten later. They were seduced by tantalising traits of Allen and Edmunds without realising if they know how to play football.

mya frazier says:

all I can say is… any given Sunday, you never know

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