“Done for Posterity/When Summer Ends”: Ken Burns’s Lewis & Clark

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Carol B says:

Hauntingly beautiful.

Filip Groesbaek says:

Noble men. Noble women. Noble music.

Bruce Dennison says:

One of the most inspiring stories of adventure and discovery in American history.

sudhisira says:

Another great quote from this section of the documentary is the one about Patrick Gass (the corps member who outlived all the rest of them by living up to the age of 98):

"He was 90 years old when the Civil War broke out. Still, he volunteered for the Union."

sudhisira says:

"Those who come after us will fill up the canvas we begin". Wow! I am speechless.

adam hauskins says:

sorry mr president but it has to be repeated

Margaret Tudor says:

I love this documentary and Love the music, especially this particular tune! So lovely, haunting and lilting all at once! It truly transports one back to those pioneer times of the great explorers Lewis & Clark, their Corp (all brave and mostly unknown men) and above all the legendary Sacajewea who led the way!

D Sleaze says:

One of my all time favorite documentaries.

Robert Bloom says:

I've watched the show about a dozen time and just love this music. It does match perfectly. Thanks so much for uploading it.

Jennifer Messinger says:

Very powerful piece of history. This song matches it perfectly. It brings tears to my eyes every time.

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