Dog Stares At Mom’s Pregnant Belly And Ends Up Doing The Unthinkable

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Dog Stares At Mom’s Pregnant Belly And Ends Up Doing The Unthinkable

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xXDimondJXx Msp says:

18 months did I hear that right

Anthony Gaming says:

Baby’s stay for 9 months not 18

LushpuppyTV says:

18 fucking months?

TheHellRaiser DemonLord says:

18 months later?

some person says:

2:14 oops

John Baugh says:

18 months into her pregnancy?

I assume you meant weeks.

Malicious says:

Plot twist- it's the dogs baby.

Cooljulian321 hi says:

18 was it just me or did he say 18 months

It's ya girl says:

This is why we don't deserve animals

Dirty Wire says:

18 M O N T H S

densch123 says:

2:13 "18 months into her preganancy, she starting feeling sick"

Well, I would too if I were her.
Considering that th baby was already 9 months overdue! :O

Ej2004RC Ej-sans says:

Wait a baby takes 9 months you said 18 months into the pregnancy like theres more

Phanic! At the Twenty Øne Chemical Crybabies says:

18 months of pregnancy, superhuman dog, ffs

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