Dog protects pregnant moms belly

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My buddies girlfriend is pregnant and their dog has become extremely protective of the yet to be delivered bundle of joy. They swear he started this on his own and I just had to get it on video. And before the crazy kids get involved, the dog is not vicious and is not a danger to anyone. He simply has decided no one should be messing with that belly! lol

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azraelangelofred says:

Okay, all you morons trying to condemn the dog are just whining because you
fear dogs, plain and simple. That dog is protecting a pregnant woman, it’s
a proper instinct. In the wild, animals will often try to eat other
animal’s children, babies or carrying females because they’re easy. As a
result, many animals developed a protective instinct. The dog see’s these
humans as it’s family. What you don’t realize is, if that dog wanted to, as
big and strong as that guy is (And he looks VERY strong), he could have
ripped his hand off if he wanted to. He relented and was gentle to him as
far as most animals go. you wanna breed it out of them? Train it out of
them? You don’t have a dog no more. You have a dumb animal that doesn;’t
even have it’s own protective instincts anymore.

Timothy Pea says:

Even dogs know abortion is wrong.

Jeff Delgado says:

The dog was protecting the owner,not the baby.Keep the dog away from the
baby when it’s born.

Roy Tesla says:

Some peolple may think this is cute and that the dogs care. The dog only
shows dominant behavior and it will end badly if it escelat. And often it
dose… I think these people are kinda stupid… I Would be ashamed to show
ppl if my rottweiler acted like that

Senorita Evanita says:

I love how angry this is making so many people.

sakecity7 says:

Nice dog. What breed?

poblano11 says:

This has bad written all over it. Encouraging or not addressing this kind
of behavior will only end badly. Someone will get bit and this dog will
end up in a shelter. Nothing cute about it.

Tatooinedragracer says:

They should not encourage this dog’s dominant behavior. It doesn’t matter
if the woman is flattered that the dog is protecting her and she thinks
it’s loyal and cute and brave. NEVER allow a dog to dominate you in
anything. It’s only a matter of time before that dog bites someone, maybe
even a child who he thinks is “getting too close” to her. Stupid dog owners
for encouraging this. The dog needs to learn his place, and that is NOT
dominant over ANYONE, for any reason. Ever. 

D Meyer says:

Alright so to all those who think this is normal dog behavior you’re sadly
mistaken. As a trainer of dogs off and on for over 35 years now I will
attest this is far from acceptable behavior. This dog is showing far too
much aggression in such a setting, Especially towards his/her owner.. To
think people actually encourage this type of behavior. Don’t reply saying
this is acceptable and it’s just the way dogs are, I have trained and dealt
wtih 100’s of dogs, as well as own 2 Rottweilers as well as a German
Shepard (all 3 of which are staring at me as I type this eying up my
breakfast!) and they are protective of me and my wife as well as our kids,
however there is a clear distinction.

rob Dunlap says:

So many dog behavioral experts… I dunno what to do with myself. 

joe cool says:

a dog loves people no matter what and protects us kinda like GOD does hey
spell dog backwards pretty cool right

Linu595 says:

they laugh about it. but that dog needs to know whos the boss in the

Thembile Matebesi says:

I love this dog!

Dogercise Dog Training says:

Oh wow, hope you are careful. So many bad things come from encouraging
this behavior. I witness it almost everyday. By not addressing it, you
encourage it, making it easily escalate with many dogs into other
behavioral issues that can even seem unrelated, but everything is related.
To each his own, your business, but please be careful. I take in dogs on
a regular basis and have to find rescues for them for issues like this that
escalated out of control though seemingly harmless at first…could take a
week, could take years, but rarely works out okay when behavior like this
is encouraged.

Doc Levi says:

Thats a god dog!

Фрида Лейбман says:

Защитник будущей мамы

clynnadams32 says:

Animals after protective of their owners. I think it’s sweet. I have an
eight pound dog that is just as protective of me and I love it. There’s
nothing wrong with that dog. 

lpsgscreation02 says:

Maybe the dog thinks the many is hitting the lady?? My friends dog bites if
people hit anything.

Joseph Pires says:

thats cool i want one to protect me from bullies at school

AJ-HIT125 A says:

That’s good at less you no the dog will protect that baby and the belly lol
but just he get over protective den he might just start biteing the shit
out of ppl as they walk bye lol but good dog tho lol

Robert Stankoviansky says:

ooow.. super cute! 

Juhász Bálint says:

Nagyon védi a gazdiját

Drewbie Wildstar says:

i just discovered a new type of stupid motherfuckers for me to hate on. You
people. I had no idea what a phenomenon this stupid shit was til I saw this
video and apparently there are a lot of you retards out there who think
it’s cute and charming when your dog acts like a cunt and tries biting your
hand when touching your womans pregnant belly. Have fun when that hound
decides your little “bundle of yoy” is not on the list either and bites its
fucking face off. Enjoy your mess, dipshits.

natetheeman says:

This is the thing about dogs…they care.

itsMissy♡ says:

My cat was the same she hiss and swap my brothers hand or anyones away that
tried lol

monicat777 says:

Okay… The dog is mouthy, but it’s absolutely showing bite inhibition.
This guy rough plays with the dog probably pretty regularly. This is not
the first time this dog has done this behavior- it’s clear as day. He’s
also a very vocal dog in general. This looks like the “keep away” game. The
owner is probably using familiar tones of voice and body language- kind of
like when you tease a toddler and say “I’m gonna get you!” The dog looks
happy and playful (loud and mouthy-yes), but is not on the verge of
attacking anyone. He’s offering sits too- I read this as “do it again, this
is fun!” If the dog can get rowdy, exercise bite inhibition, and chill when
human says game over- it’s all good. I have no doubt that this guy can
control his dog. I could get my dog just as fired up over pretty much
anything. A belly, a shoe, a ball, a rock… The object means nothing. It’s
a game. So “trainers”- take off your know-it-all doom and gloom hats where
every dog behavior is a problem that only you can solve- put on your truth
goggles and observe the behavior. This is a dog acting like a dog. There is
no “good” or “bad” here.

Hatem Elassar says:

we were told an old story about the 1st king of Arabia and his love for
dogs, and when he was asked about that he said Loyalty, the king died and
the dogs camped at his grave to guard it until they died.

alex007224 says:

0:09 красавчик

Rebecca Waterman says:

I don’t like any dog who feels he is the pack leader… this is not funny.
The dog should be part of a pack not the leader. This is a strong willed
animal and his owner should be the leader.

Kimberly Salmeron says:

My 2 labs bark at anyone they don’t recognize that comes near me. It’s
funny because if the stranger takes an aggressive approach one of them will
back off but the other will attack. It’s interesting to see the distinct
personalities dogs have.

tkuth80 says:

BTW, this video has been shared all over the place already because it was
ripped. But this is the Original. I am the one who took the video.

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