Diastasis Recti Exercises – Physical Therapy Diastasis Repair Exercises

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Diastiasis Recti exercises with Physical Therapist Michelle Kenway from https://www.pelvicexercises.com.au

Gentle core abdominal exercises for Diastasis Recti repair & unsafe abdominal exercises to avoid.


AJ Hubbell says:

#MichelleKenway , are there different exercises for those whose scar runs horizontally?
Thank you.

sidwawa says:

Hi, can you do this when pregnant? I still have DR from first pregnancy and am now pregnant again. I would really like to prevent it from getting any worse. Thanks.

Kavitha Palani says:

Hi Michelle, I have a doubt… I delivered by first baby one yr before… it's c section…. I still have a bulged and stubborn stomach below my chest exactly near upper abdomen… And also while I lie down on my back the stomach is flat… And when I lift my head while lying down… My belly button comes out.. Is it recti diastasis.

Elsie Vaenz says:

Hello, I have 4 fingers separation, I am 6 weeks postpartum c section when can I begin these exercises?

kiran giri says:

Mam i have 2 fingers gap in abs having a 7 month baby can u please tell me how much time this exercise take to heal n will i able for normal life routine thank you

Pearl Young says:

Could you recommend a belly wrap that would help for umbilical hernia and diastasis recti ?

maureen Ohcoiuq says:

When should i start doing this after birth? Can instart this after birth or need to do it before 6 weeks

E E says:

Hi, can i do this exercises if i have umbilical hernia, is there any risk to strangulate it, if so? …and , do you also have a video for fixing umbilical hernia? When i press the belly button, in certain exercises, the right is to exhale, right? I ask bcs recently i have seen the opposite, inhaling…Tyvm

Denise fitness & recovery says:

Not sure if believe all this. Crunches use the same ab muscles

Jane Tiller says:

Hello! Thank you so much for this video! Tried the workouts today and felt great engagement. I spent some time doing intense ab workouts that I shouldn’t have and have stopped them and am focusing on repairing now.

My question is I feel like my right side is much stronger than my left. Should I do more exercises on the left side to compensate?

Qa Mom says:

I have one finger diastasis rectai, can i do cardio like planks and swats ??

Thary chanrith says:

Hi Michelle, my baby is 1 year old but my abdominal separation is still about 2 inches separate. Do you have any recommendations on how exercise? I really wanna get back to my intense workout. :(

Renew Your Mind says:

Who else is watching this eating a cupcake? Anyone?

Maysa Hazife says:

Are you no longer doing videos? Thanks

veronica noronha says:

I never knew I had diastasis recti until recently. My daughter is now 15 yrs old. Will these exercises work after so many years?

LilDigi says:

Thank you for this informative video and for keeping comments open. I learned a lot from people's questions and your replies!

Joshua Vickerman says:

Thank you so much i just started the exercises and i can already feel the difference .You a life saver : )

Rawhaan Henry says:

Hi Michelle, Thanks for the great videos. Question: can a person have no gap in the recti muscles but the abdominals dome slightly when leaning back.

Mark Ioffe says:

Is it safe for diastasis recti and umbilical hernia?

Paul Santangelo says:

Hi there:

Thanks for posting, would you wear your brace while doing the exercises?




How long (on average) should I work on DR reparation to close the gap?

J Effiom says:

Hi! I am a young woman in 20s without kids, but I do and have always had a pooch (I now know and classify that as having a diastasis recti), ever since I was like 10yrs old. I currently have developed "urge" form of overactive bladder problems. Do u think this has something to do with it? What can I do?

Petrina D says:

Hello thank you this is a great video I have been suffering from Dra for many years as an athlete find it very difficult to do this you make it simple and easy to understand. I will try to start doing this again.

pinkdreamer04 says:

Is it appropriate to do small leg lifts while laying on your back with DR

Sensory & Autism Toy Review says:

Thank you for this video i had been trying to tighten my belly all wrong! I have 4 kids 2 c-sections and 2 vaginal and 1 very very tramatic birth and my core is gone.

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