Diapering and Dressing Your Newborn

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Diapering and dressing your baby can be a fun way for both mom and dad to bond with a new baby. Have fun, and check out https://www.bundoo.com/ for more info.


William Albert says:

As my father use to say, "Never put them to bed wet!"

Mai Maii says:

Thanks for a wonderful and informative video!

Maricel Reyes says:

Wait why does that baby have a long privet part. I have flat one and it’s a triangle with hair

Talkative_ Gabby says:

I am about to be a big sister

Ailene Barkhoff says:

i see a penus

Allie Soriano says:

Thank you, I recently had my first child and I never had experience of changing diapers.

Mohammad Rizwan says:

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Itsallaboutlove AJPW says:

Babies are ADORIBLE omg

Unicorn Galaxy Power says:

I am about to be a aunt

Emily Hamm says:

are you supposed to place the boys penis down so that they dont get urine on themselves?

twitch moments says:

What is a cloth diaper,huhhhhhh

Trinity Goose says:

I’m becoming an aunt and I’m terrified of poop

Tia Harris says:

I love kids they be beautiful and cutie

Nman4000 says:

Wow surprised YT hasn’t took it down

Girl of Many Vloggities says:

Why does that baby have a tumor between its legs? Like, what is that?

Shelby Hodge says:

Baby’s are so cute

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