Dennis Wheatley documentary – A Letter To Posterity

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Sorry the final 15 minutes of this documentary did not transfer.
Tuesday 31 October 2006
He wrote over 70 books and sold over 50 million copies of them; he served his country with distinction in both wars; he sold fine wines to the crowned heads of Europe; but he counted a conman and a murderer among his closest friends and was a keen student of the occult and the black arts.
Dennis Wheatley was labelled the prince of thriller writers by the critics, but less than 30 years after he died, he is largely neglected. In this programme, friends including the actor Christopher Lee and experts including Wheatley’s biographer Phil Baker, summon him back to this world and reconsider him as the inheritor of the mantle left by Alexandre Dumas and Rider Haggard – which he himself passed on to the likes of Ian Fleming, George MacDonald Fraser and even Clive Barker.


happydays sunny says:

My grandfather taught Mr Wheatley raja yoga plus was very good friends with him !!! Check out on Google the Dennis Wheatley museum !!! And look for ROLLO AHMED THE AUTHOR OF THE BLACK ART .plus if you can check out a book JESUS & A BLUE MONKIE !!! A book on truths of BLACK MAGICK !!! 2019.
HE WAS A FRIEND OF ALIESTER CROWLEY DURING THE 30S !!!! you'll be surprised what's in this BOOK !!!

Joyce Koch says:

Wherever evil reigns one finds those at the top insisting on oversight and control and most of, total knowledge of all the doing and goings of those ruled over.

Norbury53 says:

This group of people are a bunch of communist cunts, this is everything that Wheatley was opposed to – typical BBC.

SLACKER614 says:

Dennis Wheatley……the origin of Jonathan Bowden…and the New Right……Restore the European Renaissance!!!! 14W…We Will Never Surrender!!!! Montana Militia….

MrBazzabee says:

I quite like Wheatley.'s writings…but his political beliefs even pervade in this docu…….can we move on please.

Eli Elsaf says:

why is this interview in such a
bizarre setting?

Vasili Bakagias says:

Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

SLACKER614 says:

Contraband', 1936.. applies directly to todays London…..

SLACKER614 says:

Dennis Wheatley was correct in all his summation of postwar Britain……a socialist planning class, a lazy working class, and national decline……Salute!! to Dennis Wheatley! a nation overrun by low IQ moo-slims…He is an inspiration for our Rebel movement today…….We will take back Britain, from its traitor class & hang them all, if we haven't hit them w/ a Battle Axe….between the eyes…from a Scotlander….Free Tommy Robinson….!!!!

Jon Wizard says:

"ruling elite"…that about sums it up. Those bastards have never worked a day in their miserable lives…scroungers, spongers, parasites!

Angela Carleton says:

I read a lot of Dennis Wheatley books – very interested! What I do admire about him after reading his books he would include NEVER dealt in Witchcraft. That I do believe he is right because you don't know what you may encounter through fooling around with it.

Duke de Richleau says:

the ending? where is the ending for heaven's sake?

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