Cute Dog Protects Pregnant Belly Best Videos Compilation

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Cute Dog Protects Pregnant Belly Best Videos Compilation

Baby and Beagle dog have funny time – Dogs and Babies are really cute and make us happy :

Golden Retriever Puppies and Babies always are best friend – Puppy and baby compilation

Babies and Dogs Taking each other For a Walk – Funny Dog And Baby Compilation

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laura 5436 says:

He protec

But he also attack

Rahul Modgil says:

the huge titty @ 01:42 is bored as hell

Kaywynn Jones says:

I notice that's it all little dogs that get away with nipping and biting at people, but a large dog sneezes and is deemed dangerous. No justice…..

Jed Davis says:

Put That Stupid Dog Down Isn't Dog's Baby Your's Baby…

Zedef Eylül Eymur says:

When i whatching that Video I just use a word

Karina Agudo says:

I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but that's not protecting, that's being possessive. The owners should ser rules and boundaries and not let an animal treat them like territory.

Animal Girl says:

i hate how they are encouraging the dogs to growl and bark at people..

Patricia Shively says:

2:12 "I feel kicking… I think?"

Danny Phantom and Sam Manson Lover says:

Why whould guys touch a womans belly? Just because there pregnet

Tatiane Santana says:

que coisa bonita e fofo

Malissa Lenzzo says:

my moms pregnant and my dogs like that torward me.

Powell Lin says:

weird looking rat you got there

Teddi says:

A lot of dogs will try to bite you if you reach your hand out like that to them so I mean who knows if they are actually protecting the belly, they might just be playing.

Levi Ackerman says:

This was so adorable. Especially the "Let me kiss my daughter!" LOL

Jade Thirlwall says:

how adorable pls leave a like

Ciel Phantomhive says:

This video was cute but are small dogs usually super protective of their owners?

Koateh Kush says:

a baby is going to end up retarded from having a dog jumping on the belly

Ddarke11 says:

Ok dog, you win. YOU get to raise it now.

AB says:

Even a dog can sense a living being growing inside the belly. I guess, abortionists are worse than dogs.

KuramaSoul AJ says:

if these dogs were judges….. the dad woud have no custody over the child

Jennifer Mira Berman says:

their soo smart specially that one at 2:05 his even puting his head to the belly and listening to the sownd or when the baby moves

Trisha Musiimenta says:

so sweet!!!

Nemesis Color says:

The videos r cute and ofc the dogs are adorable but I really don't think you should have a dog barking next to your belly..the sound is loud and it could disturb the baby inside. There is a reason why moms are supposed to be in a constant 'calm state' during pregnancy with as few disruptions as possible.

Rose Motg says:

that is why I love dogs

Kruz Nance says:

Whenever my mom was pregnant with my lil sis my dog would always sleep with her and lick her belly

Bruce David says:

I never even YELLED once I don't think it either one of my son's mothers

Late Night Head Lights says:

One, maybe two breeds I consider REAL dogs. Show me a dog that could actually protect, not just act like it. Besides that, cute video. Fun to watch.

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