Cute Babies Taking First Steps and Walking For The First Time Compilation 2015

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On of the most important ivents in the life of babies is her/his first steps. Babies taking first steps and and trying to walk compilation 2015


franzi501 says:

All great except baby taking first steps and mother sitting hidden behind her laptop – whatever!

rajasakthiyan maniji says:

wow, a Tamil family at

Deanna Drew says:

3:32 this is so cute :')

AliAlaa12 says:

it's like opening csgo case and gets a knife lol

Jp Reddy says:

WOW! People with babies keep nasty houses! Did you see all that mess on the floor?! And the wires did you see all the wires!? A kid could get seriously injured!

Jayden Ross says:

at 2:56 That baby was like in his mind Yummy Finger

Melissa L says:

Cute babies but the one on the moms feet and the walker does not count as they aren't ACTUALLY walking themselves.

Kala Dwarakanath says:

Super cute babies.

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