Crazy Twins Moving at 33 Weeks!

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Just a glimpse of what I go through every night! I’m actually 32 weeks and 6 days but close enough 😛 Since Kaden is on top of Kyson I feel him move the most and it is PAINFUL. I seriously feel like they are going to break their own water! Lol then Lilia comes and gives ’em some lovin’ :) Enjoy!


Amilah says:

I'm 25 weeks with boy girl twins. I'm scared of this

sparxangel03 says:

who is seeing this in 2017 when the twins are already 5 years old

Marlena Telep says:

Amazing xd.

Blindgirl222- Tori says:

You know it's bad when the blind girl (me) can see it. Holy crap.

Alejandra Meneses says:

So this is why my mother hates me

Nobody Really says:

She had the special.

Janet Fontenot says:

You know what's kicking its your twins

pookie12345678910lov says:

WOW, That must be painful. U still look amazing even though u were pregnant with twins.#icanhearurmominthebackground.XX love u

Anna king says:

holy shit. ..

Mags TheHybrid1 says:

don't grab your stomach stupid

Carol Jones says:

so amazing.hope you have two healthy babies.

Bob Christian says:

Does it feel weird to have twins moving and kicking inside

Emily Roque says:

oh my gosh! (it's hurts) they're start fighting with each others inside. haha but I'm so happy that you guys shared this, such a wonderful and great experience moments in your life! ^^

Tango Jett says:

When the baby moves around in your stomach, does it feel good? Just wondering because it looks a bit painful.

Selenator ForLife says:

she looks real young

Klea Tamizi says:

The thumnail is crazy twins…they are not twins its just a boy

Tamisha Olive says:

karate time

Ryan Julian Lake says:

Jesss did that hurt

Lady_Gee Lady_Gee says:

what a beautiful thing to watch its soo cute.

damini sidhwani says:

Thanks for the share. Lovely vid! :)

Ryan Lake says:

Jesssfam- Did that hurt

Savannah Hagy says:

Oh my gosh, I've been watching since right after the twins were born so I never seen this video. That's insane. I have two children and it still amazes me to watch the movements !

CasaLandego says:

Oh man! That is just crazy and looks painful. Here is to hopeing it's only one cuz two geta kinda squishy!

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