Crazy! Demon Entity Caught Watching Over Unborn Baby In Ultrasound Scan

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An ultrasound picture of an unborn baby has gone viral after a strange looking figure next to the foetus was spotted by thousands of social media users.

The eerie image was posted on imgur under the heading “A friend’s ultrasound. When you see it…”.

At first, the scan looks like a fairly innocuous picture of n unborn child resting sweetly in their mother’s womb.

But if you look to the right of the picture, you might see something altogether more disturbing.


David Bojilov says:

They're both demons! And demons don't want you to know that! That grandfather is a demon disguised as the grandfather so people like you can fall for the human spirits roam on earth theory! The grandfather is either in heaven or in hell! You can try believing that, but be sure that your demons will try to convince you that that's a lie! I don';t want to say anymore figure it out yourself!

CoolGuy164 says:

And it DOES look likes a mermaid..

AWlpsSHOW36 says:

Holy crap! That's freaky and spin chilling!

CoolGuy164 says:

I'm not trying to act stupid or anything…. But if you look on its head it looks like a unicorn 0.0

mistahstashful says:

zillions of demons are everywhere waiting for your emotions to flare out of your body so they can enter and destroy you. control yourself. I discovered how to see them with the zoom on your cell. place a lamp on the right side in front of mirror take pic. and review the green pixelations around the frame passed the darkness. you will see many demons. these are evil angels on the leftside used for the most highs wrath against sinners. repent and pray. in his name. learn paleo hebrew. for israelites only. The spirit bares witness.

Dusten Doolen says:

another entity on the left

Rebecca louden says:

Both are familiar spirits/demon. Once a person dies, they are dead either in heaven or hell (depending on if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior). Demons can take the form of a deceased loved on and visit you. Both are negative demonic spirits.

Jennifer Montgomery says:

Why did you disable the comments from your most excellent Mars upload? I love reading what people say as much as I love the vids.

Jennifer Montgomery says:

I always see faces and figures in random patterns like you find on wood paneling or floor tiles. I have this cheap linoleum on my bathroom floor, and there are at least four very interesting, Picassoesque paintings that could be derived from some of the images I see in those patterns.

Gunslinger Survival says:

Totally crazy, dude…and CREEPY as hell!!!

Janet Wilham says:

Dahboo–the bible says God knew you from your mothers womb. Now I do believe that those who are into witchcraft, satanism etc. run a risk of their unborn child having health issues etc.–soo not knowing what the parents were into we can only guess. This is why we need the protection of Jesus.

IlluminatiLand says:

Rosemary's Baby

Lee Allen says:

I was 25 weeks PG with my son and they did a ultrasound on me. My baby's face looked like a evil skeleton. Even the nurse's were wondering why it came out looking like that.  Sad to say my son died at birth a week later. 8/4/97

MelburnDownhill says:


pvs vedder says:

I saw a ultrasound of a friends unborn baby , an it looked just like Mr. Burns from the  simpsons .

Phil Bert says:

oh yeah, well the "Virgin" Mary showed up at Paddy's Pub.

brian kelly says:

it could be the baby's guardian angel…

surendra movva says:

its matsimus melidous father to a murder son .murder to a father wife and he will have vengience in his life

RPM11111 says:

Seductive effort by demons to draw interest and exploration in them. Viewers beware – there is real danger here.

Randal Flagg says:

FUCK me look at that toupee on the baby banana has Donald Trump gone missing????

Randal Flagg says:

It's a Dickhead Hahaha and that other one looks nothing like the grandpa it's not wearing specks for one pmsl

Abed Yah says:

The man is negative to. Possibly a familiar spirit.

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