Crazy Alien Baby Kicking 22 weeks pregnant | Big Pregnant Belly

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Welcome to my little corner in the world of YouTube. I am a SAHM to my two young children ages 2 (almost, in August) and 4 and a housewife to my wonderful hardworking husband. On my channel you will find DIY videos, crafting, life after loss videos where I hit on surviving the loss of my 4 month old daughter and losing my second daughter to a stillbirth at 32 weeks. I have tons of cloth diapering videos as well as product reviews. You will also find videos as I go through a weight loss journey to be reunited with my pre baby body. I am soon going to be uploading a series of videos about parenting as well as marriage. Hope you’ll stick around to see what they are all about!

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lizz1924 says:

I’m 22weeks 4days n when I took the moment to look at this video, my baby
was moving around to I guess Cuz of the TV in the background of yo video.

DeeandArt1 says:

This is too cute. Your little Noah loves jumping around :)

Yeakley41 says:

haha i remember watching that show that was on. the breast milk that turned
her bottles pink or something. how funny

Geneva says:

oh my gosh YAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Shannon Smleblanc says:

Very cute!! Baby kicks are the best feeling!

rlwilliams2008 says:

Best feeling in the world :)

TarableeTerriphic says:

Uh oh hes a hyper one already ha ha! Its great to watch!

dee love says:

what does it feel ? like i’m 5 weeks with my 1st

corae18 says:

Lol random; but it sounded like you were watching something really
entertaining 😀

Hunterlauren93 says:

this is soo cool!

kawaiiaix says:

It certainly is :)

kawaiiaix says:

Your baby is beautifully active. I’m currently 20 weeks & 4 days, I love
feeling my little girls movements, its such a surreal but wonderful
experience each time :) . My fiance felt & saw our baby move for the first
time a day ago. (its like little vibrations..i love it) He’s always
cuddling or holding my bump, if not talking to it and listening to her :)
She’s also at the moment awake so moving around in me whilst watching this
too lol.

Ashley7ight says:

wow it is great that you are having another baby im srry for you rloss of
the last one and i know that this one will be fine !

Nevermind1234567890 says:

aww im jealous! im 24weeks and 4 days today and my baby is so lazy…she
has her active times, but she is so low you can barely see it when she
moves – with you you can see your whole belly dance! lol

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