Comparing My Singleton and Twin Pregnancy – From Baby Bump Progression to Natural Birth & Postpartum

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My first pregnancy was a singleton – a natural unmedicated birth in a birthing center! My next pregnancy was a surprise twin pregnancy, luckily very healthy, full term twins, with an induced medicated “natural” birth. There were SO many differences, I thought it’d be fun comparing my singleton and twin pregnancy with you in a pregnancy transformation video! If pregnant with twins, this will be especially fun to see your possible future, a kinda what to expect when you’re expecting twins kinda thing! From baby bump progression pregnancy week by week (twin belly popped much quicker, and got much bigger) to my health care providers, pregnancy weight gain (26 vs. 43 pounds), birth (twins must be delivered in the OR, whether vaginal or cesarean), postpartum hospital stay, strollers and baby carriers, breastfeeding (2 years vs. 1.5 years), and postpartum recovery (twin belly left me with #twinskin, oh the joy)! After seeing singleton vs. twin pregnancy, which do you hope for?? Have you made a pregnancy vlog?

Watch my full twin pregnancy stop motion video here:



why is that kid wearing same underware all year

1234JANA says:

Thank you for documenting this! Thank goodness for a safe delivery.

Sijo Binu says:

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