Coldplay – The Scientist

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dgrow jhon says:

ampuhan le gawe video #kampret

иovaes says:

clipe mais dificil q ja foi feito… mt bom

justo enoc delgado aleman says:

running in circles

林静涵 says:

modern people love fake rock

MithrandilPlays says:

COLDPLAY vs twenty one pilots COLDPLAY wins!

Arqueira Sem Flecha says:

Uma das melhores músicas,um dos melhores clips.

Tales Müller Vavassori says:

The lyrics are beatiful,but it makes me soo sad,i remwmber of my ex-girlfriend,this was our song,and now, i cry every time I listen to this,and I can't stop listen to it.:'( 

Joel Best says:

If your gonna put Coldplay in the rock genre we should a the very least be able to cut nickel back from the roster .
Stop dumping your shit on us.
You can't kill good old rock n roll so just stop it alright stop it .Jeeez

elzbair awadalla says:

تعلمت أن أغفر #غيابك لأنه دائما يذكرني.. بلحظات السعاده المسروقه…من #عمري ،!

Ze Victor says:

será que é normal escutar esse som, nos dias difíceis da vida? sou viciado .

Street Car says:

Já tem 5 anos que escuto essa música, e por incrível que pareça até hoje bate a mesma sensação, não me canso de ouvir nunca!
Coldplay é sensacional!

Tyler Is A Fail says:

When coldplay was actually good xD

SkuadGamerz says:

good music fantastic and history song

Unnatural09 says:

Macho man rip

Alejandro Atienzar says:

Miley cyrus cover <3

Andressa faustino says:

essa música faz lembrar aquela frase "diga tudo hoje amanhã pode ser tarde demais"

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