Close Encounter – SNL

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Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling) share very different stories about their alien abduction.

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JudyBeauty says:

Hollywood or is it Commiewood?

Monkey Girl says:

Ryan needs to be in more SNL skits

Nicole says:

How can you not break character around Kate. She's hilarious!

Eden Shizzle says:

anyone else see the shadow of a person walking by at 1:54???

Canada D says:

He couldn't take it he just couldn't

Alex Potter says:

if you did not laugh you have no soul .

DabneyCollins says:

Kate McKinnon is a national treasure.

Annette Cook says:

this is one of the best snl skit..Kate is so freaking hilarious that even the other players cracking up.. Kate is the best. love as hillary and ellen..congrats on the emmy you deserved

RobPt311 says:

Nothing New…make fun of people that think they were abducted. Call them crazy, stupid, etc. Most abductees have very little memory of the event. Whats laughable, is that they went into such depth and went on and on. I would guess being abducted is a very tragic event…not very funny at all. And there is a new show on Fox that also makes fun of these people. Character Assassination is there answer to questions about UFOs.

Christina Waters says:

Koot koot and prune shoot!!

Anthony Martin says:

this is one of the best modern snl sketches that didnt include Kristen Wiig

War Mach and chee says:

The big question is who was higher? (Higher as in weed)

Rusiru Rupasinghe says:

why the fuck would someone dislike this video?

Ronald Raegan says:

Kate McKinnon is hilarious

Shawna n says:


Mary Poppins says:

Man you got screwed!!!

Bryan Jones says:

Coot coot and prune shoot

Vic Lin says:

i actually wanna experience what the hippies talk about :o

Cara starbuck says:

This is the 17th time I am watching this. I guess the breaking character bit made it all the more hilarious!

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